Kylie Sturgess has a new book

It’s called The Scope Of Skepticism, which might make me cranky — I’ve been unimpressed with a lot of the timid boundary-setting of the skeptical movement — but it’s taken from Kylie’s podcast, and she’s a good interviewer. I expect there’s some argument with the ideas, which is always good.


  1. says

    Also available in this series :

    Russell Blackford – The scope of Freethought

    Jean Kazez – The scope of Atheism

    Paula S Kirby – The scope of Feminism

  2. lewin says

    maybe we’ll be lucky and it’s like a gun scope. Look out, the aim of skepticism is coming your way. And it’s dangerous.

  3. Kylie Sturgess says

    elronxenu – The reason why Barbara Drescher isn’t included is because the last time I interviewed her was at Dragon*Con 2009 and it was very brief. I wanted to include a great many interviews, but one of the factors in choosing included chapter-length interviews. It was very difficult narrowing them down to the twenty or so and Barbara Drescher’s was just one of many that didn’t make the cut (I have about 200+ interviews conducted now, from two different popular podcasts).

    Even some (not all!) of what I consider my best interviews aren’t included; they feature on the CSICOP website and in magazines like the Skeptical Inquirer. The latest Skeptical Inquirer features the one I did with Marian Call, and it isn’t in the book, for example.

    Here’s the full list (not including essays):
    Tim Minchin
    Joey Haban
    Caroline Watt
    Daniel Loxton
    Jennifer Ouellette
    On “Gorillas In Our Midst” – Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris.
    Bruce M. Hood
    Desiree Schell
    Ben Radford
    Stephen Fry
    Petra Boynton
    Pamela Gay
    Sharon Hill
    Julian Morrow
    Viv “TigTog” Smythe
    Lyz Liddell
    Hayley Stevens
    Scott Sigler
    Indre Viskontas

    If you’d like a free audio-version of the book? Subscribe to my Token Skeptic podcast.