1. says

    If only there were a God to ensure that vast regions of ignorance would prevail for all time.

    At least the IDiots try to serve God by trying to prevent our learning in areas like evolution, abiogenesis, and cosmology. What more can they do to show their devotion to enduring ignorance?

    Glen Davidson

  2. kreativekaos says

    Hmmm,…the more I listen to it, the catchier it sounds. I think I’ve got a new little ditty to hum for inspiration, while simultaneously hailing a modern day icon of science ‘spokesmanship’!

    Yeah,.. I’m with Neil!

  3. evildrmike says

    PZ sounds like those sour graps again :). Rest assured it is only lack of any kind of musical ability what so ever that stops me doing the awesome PZ theme song. Oh and NdGT is a totally awesome guy.

  4. says

    There are certain people who just don’t need embellishment. Hitchens, Cornell West, Ronnie James Dio, George Carlin, Our own PZ Meyers, None of these people need or needed extraneous production when expounding on their chosen fields. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is just such a person. Listening to him talk about astrophysics is music already, a tropical vacation for your mind.

  5. kreativekaos says

    Mike @ #9:

    Pretty well agree… but ya know, the funky punch and inspirational boost The Phenomenauts provide with this little ditty just makes us feel even more geeked for truth, reality, reason and the excitement for the adventure of science and scientific discovery–not to mention to help emotionally galvanize against those who would denigrate science thought and funding.

  6. kreativekaos says

    I hear ya’ pentatomid… can’t help it– it’ll be running (pleasantly so) in the backround of my mind for quite a while.

  7. says

    Unfortunately, every time I see him on TV now I am going to be mentally introducing him as ‘NEEEEEEEEEEEEEIL DEGRASSE TYSONNNNNNNNNNNNN (I’M WITH NEIL! I’M WITH NEIL!)’

    Oh well, could be worse. Someone could have made jingle about some asshole like Ham or Hovind that got stuck in my head. That would be living hell.

  8. kreativekaos says

    Awww,..c’mon McCthulhu…

    I know when you see Neil hosting the long-awaited sequel to Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’, the 21st century update slated for 2013 or 2014 (13 episodes too, with Ann Druyan, Steven Soter, and others from the original production), you’re gonna start tapping your foot,… start hoppin’ up and down,.. and those rhythms with begin surging through and soon the neighbors will be hearing the cry…’I’m with Neil! I’m with Neil!’

    We’re with Neil, We’re with Neil! ( all we need now is a pro cheerleading team!!)

  9. kreativekaos says

    Final thought on this thread from me: I hope someone has gotten this to NdGT, and I sure wish it would go viral, at least within the science-loving communities.

    Maybe it would have a tad of influence,…temporarily…somewhere; the halls of power, kids and teachers in the classrooms, dreamers in their garages. There are a lot of us out there who are with Neil, as well as others.