That’s how we deal with it around here

Yep. North Carolina is considering a constitutional amendment against gay marriage, so what does this redneck do? He steals a sign urging people to vote against the bigotry, pulls out a gun, and sends a message by shooting it.

Way to defy Southern stereotypes, guy.

(via Joe. My. God.)


  1. Thy Goddess says

    …That’s very educated indeed. Shoot shit you disagree with, that is the american way!

  2. says

    Yep, that’s about the mentality. Here in Durham, several signs less than a mile from our house had the word “AGAINST” spray-painted out (so the signs just said “Vote Amendment One May 8”). We cleverly wrote “AGAINST” on suitably-sized pieces of paper and stuck them over the vandalized spots on each sign (both sides).

    A week later, the signs were taken completely.

    We replaced the two missing signs with four. (One on each corner.)

    …and that, folks, is how we do things.

    (I should put up a regular blog entry about this, but for now here’s my G+ post, for those who like myself have been assimilated by the Googleborg.)

  3. says

    This past weekend my brother and sister-in-law visited me in Raleigh, NC. As we were driving through town we saw quite a few “Vote No on Amendment 1” signs. I was pleased as the signs were seen in relatively poor, middle-class, and wealthy (“inside the Beltline”) sections of the city.

    Sadly, just after I mentioned that I had seen many “Vote No” signs but no “Vote Yes” signs, we rounded a corner and saw two in adjacent front yards. Oh well… I guess the signage count is 100-2 instead of the preferable 100-0. Much better than the reverse.

  4. says

    @ginmar – Yep, gay marriage is illegal in NC, but the thumpers can’t take the chance that a state court may call the law unconstitutional. So, they wrote a POS that is so restrictive that many believe the Federal courts would overturn it if it passes.

    I’m voting against it, but if it passes I will be contributing towards it being overturned.

  5. A. R says

    Why is this the only developed nation where people consider this type of deranged egregious behavior “protest?”

  6. cavemanbebop says

    The more time passes, the more I am becoming ashamed to live in this state. I just kind of feel like I am swimming in a terrible cocktail of uber-religion and jingoism.

  7. penguinland says

    Moreover, this guy has his facts wrong. The amendment does _not_ state that marriage is between one man and one woman. It says that the only union to be recognized in the state shall be heterosexual marriage. Gay marriage is already outlawed; the amendment bars civil unions (gay or straight) from being recognized. Admittedly, it’s also extra insurance against gay marriage, which implies to me that proponents of the amendment expect the anti-gay-marriage law to be ruled unconstitutional.

    Anyone who is in favor of gay civil unions, regardless of your stance on gay marriage, should vote against this amendment.

  8. 'Tis Himself says

    Most towns and cities have ordinances against discharging firearms within a certain distance of homes. This bozo was probably in violation of such an ordinance.

  9. leighshryock says

    Apparently, the video is now private. Apparently, someone didn’t like publicity.

  10. leighshryock says

    And now it is removed entirely. Also, an edit button would be nice, so that I don’t spam up comments.

  11. CSB says

    @15: Probably — someone with the same username that uploaded the video you link posted in the JoeMyGod thread asking how to mirror YouTube videos. She eventually found a site called SaveVid, which is of the tags for the video.

  12. CSB says

    I mean, the video you linked.

    Seriously, there needs to be like a five-minute edit window or something for these comments.

  13. says

    Russell Robinson (grandson of the dude who drafted the original NC Constitution) and his wife, religious conservatives both, have come out against the amendment. All kinds of public officials are coming out against it. WRAL went looking for a corporate CEO who would speak in favor of it, and couldn’t find one.

    We can only hope that this thing fails miserably… and then maybe in another year or two we can roll back the anti-gay language that was already in the NC constitution. (…and, hey, how ’bout getting rid of that religious requirement for office, while we’re at it?)

    My article about the amendment is here.

  14. leighshryock says

    And now our comments seem out of place since PZ updated the original post with a new video embed.

  15. yoav says

    They don’t even pretend that it’s about anything other then religions bigotry, the ad they run on TV just say it outright, we don’t like gay marriage because it say so in the buybull.

  16. says

    From Joe.My.God:
    UPDATE II: I have spoken to the Kannopolis, North Carolina police department and they are looking into what will be classified a crime if the shotgun was fired onto property that includes a home or business. Kannopolis is 20 minutes outside of Charlotte, so let’s also get this on the radar of local media.

  17. kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith says

    Why is this the only developed nation where people consider this type of deranged egregious behavior “protest?”

    Because things like this are something only commie pinko liberals do ?

  18. Charlie Foxtrot says

    I think they were a bit annoyed that all their firepower didn’t actually do anything to obscure the message :)

    Something about the resilience of ideas…

  19. Jessa says

    It’s been rather weird. I haven’t seen a single yard sign supporting the amendment where I live. Though that may be because I live in an unusually liberal area.

  20. potsandowls says

    #29 – YES… I enjoyed how impotent the gun was against the mighty signboard.

  21. Myk says

    I love that the sign is perfectly legible after he finishes shooting it. So that’s how they deal with it, eh? Violently, but completely ineffectualy?

  22. says

    #29 – YES… I enjoyed how impotent the gun was against the mighty signboard.

    I just wish he’d finished up by throwing the gun at the sign like a villain on Superman.

  23. says

    Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill – the Triangle – are some of the gay-friendliest cities in the entire South. This guy’s in for a serious disappointment come May 9th. The “liberal bubble,” as I like to describe us in the Triangle, will rise… Can’t wait to vote against turds like this dude.

  24. stevesommers says

    Well, the bright side of this is that he was at least able to control himself enough to shoot the sign and not gay people. I hope!

  25. eyesoars says

    Er, if the sign was on public property, it would be illegal in many places to shoot or deface the sign (at least prior to the election). If the sign was on private property other than the shooters, it would be illegal pretty much everywhere. Which may explain why the video tried to vanish.

  26. Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven says

    What is it with rednecks and thinking videotaping themselves shooting something is the answer every time they don’t get their way?

  27. otrame says

    Reminds me of the aphorism:
    The scariest phrase in th English language is “Here, hold my beer”.

  28. Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven says

    Maybe he is related to that guy that shot his daughter’s laptop?

    Nice to see I’m not the only fucking person on earth who thought that was a bad thing to do. >.>

  29. apokalyps says

    We’re sure that this nutbar STOLE the sign, right? It wasn’t planted in his property to troll him or something?

  30. says

    How nice of the guy to basically try to intimidate anyone who would vote against the amendment by indicating he will get armed and get shooting to “protect marriage.”

    This goes nicely with your “white guys can be terrorists too” post. I can only imagine what the gay people and their allies think knowing this guy feels gun-shooting strongly about this legislation.

  31. Menyambal: Making sambal isn't exactly dragon magic. says

    I like how he doesn’t say the sign was ON his property. Sign-posters have to ask, first, at least around here.

    He says they should have known not to post it around him. Who is he, then? Captain Joe Asshole, well-known bigot?

    Maybe they did post it on his property, (perhaps to annoy him,) and maybe he just can’t speak coherently.

    It takes him bloody forever to get off that first shot. Shouldn’t he have been loading up while he was talking, and jacking in the round? Or was he just really slow to aim?

    And yeah, the sign didn’t show the damage at all.

    Legally, he’s on shaky ground.

    Politically, he’s in over his head.

  32. says

    I like how he says “these people should know not to put a sign near my house”. Does that imply that he is already a well known hateful bigot that everyone already tries to avoid like the plague?

    Oooh, let me just check the bigot radar. Yup there’s one in the vicinity. Better use the reinforced sign.

  33. carlie says

    It wasn’t planted in his property to troll him or something?

    He didn’t say it was on his property, he said it was near it. So, you know, the crime is that it was put somewhere he could see it, apparently.

  34. wholething says

    Of course the guy is in favor of One Man One Sister Marriage. If they outlawed that, he would be illegitimate.

  35. says

    As a native of this state, I am very disappointed in this thinly veiled attempt by the religious right to prevent the introduction of potential legislation approving of gay marriage. Unfortunately, the “southern gentleman” you see in the video is all to common in the area in which I live. Almost every church has “Vote For..” signs and many are conducting campaigns within their churches and within their communities. In addition, the scheduling of this vote during the primary is an obvious attempt to ease its passage, since mostly the Republican base will be out to vote. I’m voting against the bill of course, but I fear I will be a very small minority, perhaps the only vote in my precinct. We need all rational Tarheels to come out and vote next week!

  36. says

    Nice to see I’m not the only fucking person on earth who thought that was a bad thing to do. >.>

    Azkyroth, can I join the club?

  37. kebin says

    Yes, I live in NC and Yes, we have more than a few such idiots. This is one fool imitating another fool.

  38. scottrobson says

    Just wondering if he is overcompensating for something “unfortunate” he found out about himself when he was about 12 or 13.

  39. David Marjanović says

    Because things like this are something only commie pinko liberals do ?

    Don’t use <abbr> and <a> around the same word. The alt-text doesn’t show up. Use <a href=”” title=””> and put the alt-text into title=””.

    Anyway, yay for vuvuzela!

    Nice to see I’m not the only fucking person on earth who thought that was a bad thing to do. >.>

    Azkyroth, can I join the club?


    In fact, didn’t we have a thread here about this?

  40. Rev. BigDumbChimp says

    Aren’t there laws against removing political campaign signs?


  41. says

    I don’t get why fundamentalists are so damn keen to stop us sinning. Alright, we heard you already – being gay is a sin and we’re going to hell! Thanks for the warning. I’ll take my chances.

    After all, fundies clearly don’t like gays, so wouldn’t heaven be a little better without any queers? Seems win-win to me.

    [Just to be absolutely clear, I’m using “queers” ironically]

  42. Tay says

    It’s good to see so many like minded individuals in NC!

    Someone mentioned the ‘Vote For’ ad they’ve been running, did you notice that she speaks as if she’s speaking to children, all syrup and sweet? Ugh… disgusting. You would think being talked down to like that would insult the right…

  43. Janine: History’s Greatest Monster says

    Joe of Joe.My.God received this lovely e-mail.

    Hey fuckhead. Fuck you and your limp wristed attempt to involve the police in something that is NONE of your damn business. I think it would have been much more appropriate to burn the sign, and save the ammo for when it is people that need stopping. You are a fucking social misfit you scum-sucking piece of shit. Fuck you and all of your counter-culture disease ridden scumbags. This man is a hero, and this is exactly how WE handle this shit.

    If only we were nice and quiet and did not agitate, these people might be reasonable.

  44. Lies Down to Reason says

    Well, he sure showed them gays and libruls, didn’t he?

    Showed that he’s a big tantrum-throwing baby.

    A big tantrum-throwing baby who’s armed and can vote.


  45. ryushikaze says

    As another resident of Durham, be assured this asshole doesn’t speak for me, and I fully plan on voting against the amendment on the 8th.

  46. jjgdenisrobert says

    It’s not a stereotype when it’s true. Not all southerners are that dumb, but enough of them are; considering voting records, I’d even say that a good majority is that dumb…

  47. Menyambal: Making sambal isn't exactly dragon magic. says

    The e-mailer who wrote “scum-sucking” may or may not know that “scum” means “semen” in urban black slang. A “scumbag” is a condom.

    The further insult may be intentional. Still, it amuses me to see a rural white using urban black terms.

  48. Menyambal: Making sambal isn't exactly dragon magic. says

    Or what I assume is a white person …

  49. Brownian says

    This man is a hero, and this is exactly how WE handle this shit.

    Wow. The bar for ‘hero’ seems set awfully low in some places.

    So much for the image of the tough redneck.

  50. Menyambal: Making sambal isn't exactly dragon magic. says

    Using “social misfit” as a insult says a lot about the insulter.

  51. phoenicianromans says

    Why do they have to pass a law againstgay marriage? Does it already exist?

    Yeah, but it has to extra-special not exist or God gets confused.

  52. Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven says

    I wonder if a “let me marry my boyfriend/girlfriend and I’ll support your right to marry all of your guns AND your truck” campaign would get any traction.

  53. birgerjohansson says

    Imaginary Simpsons’ scene:

    Homer shoots sign.
    Homer shouts “stupid sign!” when it does not disintegrate.
    Homer tries to set the sign on fire.
    Homer runs in circle shouting “Help! I’m on fire!”