The Narwhal Curse

I would love to have one of these Massive Squishable Narwhals, but then I realized that I’d never be able to look at it without the Narwhal song popping into my head.

It’d be like having a Massive Decorative Bag of Crack hanging on my wall.

You’re not playing that video, are you? Sorry.


  1. 'Tis Himself says

    Thanks for that, PZ, ’cause narwhals are awesome (as long as they’re not touching your balls).

  2. numenaster says

    Until pentatomid links us to the breadfish song, I’ll cheerfully hum this one. I LIKE the narwhal song (and the badger song, for that matter).

  3. Brother Ogvorbis: Advanced Accolyte of Tpyos says

    Damnit. Now I have that song cursing through my synapses.

    I wonder if YMCA is an antidote?

  4. Brother Ogvorbis: Advanced Accolyte of Tpyos says


    It isn’t.

    Now I have Narwhals staying at the YMCA in my brain.

  5. cafeeineaddicted says

    If you actually want anyone’s head to explode, send them this link of the narwhal song on loop for 10 hours.

  6. says

    Well, damn. There goes $17.00. A micro narwhal and a micro manatee are headed to me. (there’s a coupon code from free shipping on two microsquishy things)

    Stop me before I spend again!

  7. busterggi says

    We don’t need to see the video, all we need see is the word narwhal.

    Damn Pavlov!

  8. Brownian says

    It is just me, or does the Breadfish song kinda sound like something from David Byrne’s 1997 album Feelings?

  9. Beatrice, anormalement indécente says

    After standing beside a guy listening to “I’m a Barbie girl” – loud, on repeat, in a crowded tram so I couldn’t move… I caught the damned song and this was a welcome cure.

  10. Sili says

    You do realise you’re gonna get sent half a dozen of those things now, right?

    I don’t know, at least they aren’t dugongs.

    Don’t knock the dugongs. I have a whole bouquet of the things, myself.

  11. jayarrrr says

    Ahhhh. At least I don’t have “Broken Hearts are for Assholes” stuck in my head anymore…

  12. MetzO'Magic says

    Until this moment in time… well, at least till yesterday, I was blissfully unaware of these catchy, cute, and (and dare I say) repetitive little videos.

    Now I have to try to get to sleep at night with cartoon caricatures of narwhals, badgers, and yes, the latest travesty, lions and tigers, cutting great swathes of pain through my delicate psyche. Many thanks for that, fellow Pharyngulites… and a great big fuck you to the collective you, and the bus you rode in on :-) … :-|

  13. birgerjohansson says

    I just imagined Narwhals sung to the tune of Abba’s “Super Trouper”. I am stuck with an infinite loop of that.
    Maybe I should try Marilyn Manson.

  14. birgerjohansson says

    “Narwhals are made of this
    who am I to disagree
    They travel the world and the seven seas
    Every narwhal is looking for something”