1. yubal says

    Is that a carnivorous plant specialized on trapping mice or a plant requiring mammalian pollination or just some mice crawling on a flower?

  2. says

    They’re all just eukaryotes.

    Until you can evolve archaeans from a buffalo, you Darwinists have nothing.

    Anyway, why are there still plants (yes I know we didn’t evolve from plants) if there are now animals?

    I do love the displays made for beguiling metazoans into conduits for plant sex.

    Glen Davidson

  3. JohnnieCanuck says

    Given that they are Australian Honey Possums, I’m going to say these are marsupials, not mice or mammals.

  4. JohnnieCanuck says

    Oops. True that.

    Found this over on Wikipedia and had to share.

    Females are promiscuous, mating with a large number of males. Competition has led to the males having the largest testes relative to their body weight for any known mammal, being 4.2 per cent. Their sperm is also the largest in the mammal world, measuring 0.36mm.

  5. eidolon says

    4.2% of their body weight? That means a 180 lb man would have, if in the same proportion, great difficulty walking.

  6. says

    Caine, Fleur du Mal

    I like the noses. Fried of mine in high school had a baby opossum and brought on the school bus to show off in biology class. Some kids freaked out, as did the bus driver. The rest of us all wanted to hold the little critter.

    They do have sharp teeth though.

    And no, I didn’t need a rabies vaccination as it was immunized pet.

    Still cute though.

  7. says


    They do have sharp teeth though.

    Yes they do. So do rats, of which I has three. :D Honey possums don’t have the standard possum teeth though. They have interesting dentition. See here.