1. otrame says

    Ha. That Heinlein quote popped into my head, too.

    I have one in bloom and two in spike. I love orchids. Since they figured out a quick way to clone them they’ve become cheap enough for almost anyone to grow.

  2. theophontes, Hexanitroisowurtzitanverwendendes_Bärtierchen says

    Only one orchid. It cost $10 dollars and has lasted for months now. Sure beats “flowers”.

  3. ibbica says

    Anyone else see the robed, cross-legged, helmeted, trying-to-read-your-mind-stanced figure with a spread-eagled ribcage there?

    Just me?

    Oh. Nevermind then.

  4. psocoptera says

    They are easier to keep when your cat doesn’t chew them, and your dogs don’t knock them over. I used to have a lovely light green paphiopedilum. sigh. still my favorite plants.

  5. =8)-DX says

    *strains at screen*
    *strians some more*

    Is it wrong to try and see something sexual when looking at plant genitals?