1. Dhorvath, OM says

    That settles it, the portal is neither in the sky, nor in the deep, but just above you wherever you may be.

  2. Thor says

    I don’t comment here much but I read the site almost daily. No offence to the cephalopod lovers out there, but if I saw that when I was underwater I would freak the hell out!! I think it’s something to do with the number of appendages, and the lack of, um… solidity.

  3. littlejohn says

    I realize you’re not a fan of HuffPo, but have you seen the Octopus Crawling on Land yet?

  4. says

    The largest octopus in the world inhabit Puget Sound off the coast of B.C. in Canada. Divers catch them by pulling them over their heads and then letting out some air to blow them to the surface. Harmless animals, no matter the size. Wouldn’t freak me for a minute to see one over my head.