1. Philip Legge says

    With those cilia lining the edges of the maw I’m getting a freaky vagina dentata vibe.

  2. Father/Brother/Nephew/Cousin/ex-Mother-in-Law Ogvorbis, OM: Independently-Minded Baboon says

    I get a whiff of Sauron’s Unblinking Eye.

  3. uncle frogy says

    according to Wikipedia it is a parasitic plant and the flower which we see here has the tantalizing odor of feces. it would go rather well with stinkhorns and Stapelia and varities of Arums and similar plants. it would give a new meaning to the beauty of “god’s flower creation”

    uncle frogy

  4. Merridol says

    So cool. And it’s a stinky scent mimic, too. Attracts dung beetles wherever it’s planted, according to Glen Davidson’s link.

  5. UpAgainstTheRopes says


    A great gaping maw? I saw female genitalia.

    You must have the must the most amazing anxiety dreams from having seen(or despite having seen) the movie Teeth

  6. Gregory Greenwood says

    Marella@ 24;

    So not edible then?

    At a guess, no. By the look of it, if bitten, it might bite back.

  7. Birger Johansson says

    “I’m a mean green mother from outer space, and I am bad”

    I want a GM, nonparasitic version I can plant in rows around my house to keep burglars away. That version would not be limited to smell as offensive strategy (hint; acid for sap, stronger cilia around the maw).

  8. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    I loves you, PZ. When Cthulhu returns, may you be the first one devoured!

    For those who don’t know, parasitic plants are the most interesting thing in the world. The close realtive of this plant Hydnora tricepscompletes its entire life-cycle underground…from seed to flower. It is completely bad-ass!

    I’m so freaking happy right now, I’m going to go do some work.

  9. nazani14 says

    It reminds me that I will need to bring in my jack-o-lantern before going to bed on Halloween, so that I can make delicious pumpkin curry the next day. Last year the raccoons beat me to it.

    I’m deeply saddened to see that some of you think it looks anything like lady-bits. (The Dodge Ram logo, however, looks a lot like cervix/uterus/fallopian tubes.)

  10. Amy says

    We have all kinds of weird and wonderful plants in South Africa!

    And this also apparently has some interesting uses: “The fruit is delicious when baked on a fire and has a sweetish taste. Jackal food is used in a series of Cape dishes as recorded in the recipe book of Betsie Rood, Kos uit die veldkombuis (Rood 1994). One of the recipes describes how the fruit pulp can be mixed with cream to make a delicious dessert. The fruit is extremely astringent and has been used for tanning and preserving fishing nets.”