1. says

    What lovely pinhole eyes you have, baby nautilus.

    Sort of odd, that, as they seem both like cute new babies, and ancient and primitive ancestors at the same time (yes, they’re modern, but didn’t modernize everything).

    Bob away, little floaty things.

    Glen Davidson

  2. Brownian says

    But what if one of those embryos grows up to be Jesus?

    Wait, how is that an argument against abortion?

  3. happiestsadist says

    Aww, they are really cute. And elegant at the same time, just like grownup nautilus. Awww, little swimming, bobbing cuties!

    The bring out an odd desire to nurture in me too. And I have the maternal instincts of a rock.

  4. RFW says

    “I want to make baby nautiloids now”

    And what does Mary have to say about this urge? Is she bobbing up and down in anticipation of a tentacular embrace by her DH?

  5. daveau says

    “awww, for cute.”

    Spoken like a MN native…

    Damn, those babies do bring out the nurturing instinct, don’t they?

  6. says

    What’s interesting to me is that it seems to have taken 22 years of research to get live hatchlings. And it will come down to one line in a textbook somewhere, if that. People have *no idea* of the depth of scientific endeavour.