A weekend in Fargo

It’s not too late to sign up: Project 42 is this weekend in lovely downtown Fargo, North Dakota. I’ll be there, so will Michael Shermer and Richard Carrier and Richard Haynes.

You might want to skip it if you’re a theist. There might be woodchippers around.


  1. Brian says

    Fargo, North Dakota? I thought you said Fargo North, Decoder! What the hell did I buy a ticket to?

  2. says

    I’d love to join y’all, and it ain’t the woodchippers keeping me away.

    North Dakota? One of the four states I’ve never been to. Didn’t the Bible say something about wisdom coming out of the north?

  3. mothra says

    On Friday evening, the PBS documentary ‘Judgment Day’ will be shown (free- This is a Red River Freethinkers event after all) at the Safari Theater in Moorhead, MN.

    On Saturday evening, there will be a debate: is Atheism or Religion a more reasonable world view with August Berkshire of Minnesota Atheists and Ron Johnson, Theology professor of Northwestern College. This will be at the NDSU Memorial Union, Prairie Rose Room (2nd floor). This event is also no cost.

  4. David Marjanović, OM says

    I’m broke

    A student ticket is only 29 $, or 39 if you add the Sunday workshop on how to become your own little tentacled overlord. Check your e-mail.

  5. Michael S says

    What is Michael Shermer doing in the Project 42 home page?
    Dancing? Playing piano with one hand? Waving his arm around to keep his jacket on, because the other arm isn’t wearing it?
    So many questions, we need a convention to answer them.

  6. says


    not only am I broke, but swamped with work and homework. looks like I’ll only have time for the debate, and possible hanging out afterwards. too much homework all day today, too much work tomorrow during the day