I spent all that time in Norway and I could have done it all in 4 minutes at home?

The 2011 World Humanist Congress in Oslo, reduced to a 4-minute highlight clip:


  1. Igakusei says

    “It doesn’t matter how good you are at slaughtering antelopes, if you never get laid.”

    Someone should make a bumper sticker out of that!

  2. pHred says

    Are you kidding me ? You are complaining about spending time in Norway ??? Really?

    Fair enough, next time I will go. They will get the humanist perspective of an Associate Professor in Earth Sciences rather than Biology, but that should be novel – however at the moment I can’t think of any pithy lines like yours. Rocks getting laid means a whole different thing.

    As a Scandinavian, I would be livid with jealousy if I wasn’t going to Rome next week for a conference. :)

  3. nopeter says

    PZ Myers, professor at Harvard University!
    It says so on the video clip!
    Some one got some thing wrong?

  4. ChasCPeterson says

    I think your visitors would definitely want far more writing such as this

    I absolutely agree, ground floor opportunity (if that is your real name): Far more posts consisting of a single sentence fragment and a vid!