Neuro student articles

I’m teaching an upper-level course in neurobiology this term, and as I usually do, I made all the poor suffering students go out and create blogs, and I also told them they had to write one post a week about neuroscience. Today I was asked if I was going to pharyngulate their blogs, and of course I said I would. So go forth and harrass them! A word of warning, though: as many people learned last time I did this, these are not passive, cowed students, but feisty upperclassmen who are comfortable with biting back; the worst thing you can do is be condescending or patronizing.

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  1. Brownian says

    All these kids, so full of vim and lime-a-way and fresh ideas! I remember being like that once, before the world beat me down and I became bitter, cynical and jaded. I think I was like, six or seven.

  2. says

    So much better than my courses, but then again I am only taking junior level stuff. I wish my teacher promoted my bloggin’.

    I see you’re training an army, PZ. Creationists, be warned.

    Brownian; I have been beat down, but I think I am too stubborn to be jaded. Bitter? Yes. Totally. But never shall I be jaded.

  3. 'Tis Himself, pour encourager les autres says

    be condescending or patronizing.

    I can do condescension and patronizing. I’ll even add pompous at no additional charge.

  4. CitizenJoe says

    Yeowww. Do they teach spelling, grammar, and punctuation today? Some of those sites (e.g., “neuronal migration”) are embarrassing.

  5. mythusmage says

    T. gondii Rats and Cats

    That’s the microorganism I was thinking of. I got to thinking about it, and it occurred to me that T. gondii affects cats, and people, much as it does rats.

    Read another post (forget where) in which the author tells of his experience with rats and a cat that refused to eat the rats. What did the rats do? they apparently adopted the cat as their mother, and would offer the cat food.

    What do cats do with people?

    Adopt us as their parents and offer us food.

    Now with all the contact between people and cats how do humans end up behaving?

    We adopt some sky daddy as a surrogate parent and offer him food. Which leads me to ask, what if religion is an expression of T. gondii infection in H. sapiens?