It’s Wikileaks Day

Today, Wikileaks begins releasing a huge collection of US embassy cables, and we’re about to discover the degree of skullduggery that’s been going on.

The cables show the extent of US spying on its allies and the UN; turning a blind eye to corruption and human rights abuse in “client states”; backroom deals with supposedly neutral countries; lobbying for US corporations; and the measures US diplomats take to advance those who have access to them.

This document release reveals the contradictions between the US’s public persona and what it says behind closed doors – and shows that if citizens in a democracy want their governments to reflect their wishes, they should ask to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Every American schoolchild is taught that George Washington – the country’s first President – could not tell a lie. If the administrations of his successors lived up to the same principle, today’s document flood would be a mere embarrassment. Instead, the US Government has been warning governments — even the most corrupt — around the world about the coming leaks and is bracing itself for the exposures.

It is to be hoped that every major newspaper with some respect for its job has got people going over these documents carefully. The description above is correct: if we’re to deserve the title of democracy, we must have an informed citizenry.

Twisted logic

Wayne Laugesen rightly points out that the Catholic church does not have exclusive ownership of pedophilia and child abuse. But then he takes a long leap into lunacy.

Today, sexual abuse of children is clearly out of control in public schools and is even more prevalent in homes. Society needs to stop acting as if it’s a problem caused by priests and look to the Catholic Church in the United States for answers. Due in part to public outrage regarding its mistakes and misdeeds of the past, the church appears to have emerged as the one organization with a formula for nearly eradicating sexual threats to children.

That’s impressively bizarre, and I admit, I never would have thought of it. What organization has the most experience with raping children? The Catholic church. Therefore, what organization should we turn to and tap into that experience? The Catholic church.

I think he’s wrong, though. There is a group with more experience: institutionalized child molesters. Clearly, with this reasoning, we should recruit a crack team of professional child rapers from our prisons and asylums, and send them on a grand tour of the country to advise schools on managing abuse. It’ll give a whole new meaning to the phrase “after school special”.

I get email

All it takes is a little prompting: I write a post titled “The Bible is not a medical text“, and next thing you know, someone sends me an email titled “The Vedas are a medical text”. It’s enough to make a fellow weep.

Dear Sir,

I am PhD Scholar, enrolled with Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India.
The Topic I selected is

“Vedas- A New Critical Analysis with Special reference to Human Body and Health”

The Vedas quotes about NaNo technology, and I have analyzed the details in depth and is available in PDF form. I have proved that supportive therapy to cure cancer and recovery from coma is possible if we improve the oxygen, Nitrogen, Sodium and urea content in the atmosphere.

If any one wish to have the details and if they contact me I am ready to share my findings with Nero surgeons and Cancer specialists. Please contact me for further details.

Please down load the abstract of my thesis



Because if there is one thing our atmosphere is lacking, it’s an adequate urea content.

He did send along a copy of his abstract. It’s 29 pages long. It’s also hilarious.

Read it here.

Here in treating the diseases with blood disorder we are burning the oil, filtered through cotton thread create the heat and the heat so produced has the quality of the herbal along with the atomic force, that penetrates through the skin, combine with iron in the blood, converting them in to lead first, then vanadium, then iridium and so on. We are sending these rays through copper plates roof or by placing Egg shaped copper balls, so that the rays break in to millions anus and form NaNo particles and give good result.

Who knew our bodies were little nuclear reactors, busily transmuting elements? I’m not sure why the word “anus” suddenly intrudes there, but he does throw around the term “NaNo” a lot, and it’s always capitalized in the peculiar way.

He’s really infatuated with the idea of correlating radioactive decay with something going on in the body.

In the case of Cancer cells that the cell of electron eats away the magnetic force the heating elements and forms a mound which creates Heavy Hydrogen rays and swindling the magnetic force from the nuclides. If we study and identify the type of radiation that the cancer cell eliminates when contacting the tissues and blood and start decay, we may find many of these emissions are accompanied by the additional emission of one or more gamma rays. Naturally it may seem that the longer a particular atom of a radioactive nuclide has been around, the greater the chance it will decay.

But for the most part, it’s incoherent gibberish.

The change in atmosphere will help a lot in improving the condition of the Cancer patient and that through NaNo will help a lot. This was explained as stories in Puranas and the herbals were given the name, which they started worshipping as gods and goddess. Particularly the herbals that cured cancer, which genes had the similar to heads of dogs was worshipped as Bhairavas which use to come with dogs to fight with the enemies. The dog is none other than the plant Calotropis Gigantea Alba.(In Sanskrit it is Alarka)

Got that? Genes have the heads of dogs which are actually a reference to an herbal treatment, therefore changing the atmosphere with NaNo technology will cure cancer.

Now my head hurts.

Crap. Now he has sent me more email.

Please read the full text attached herewith and post your comments.

I am brahmin and read Vedas Fully A to Z. I am aged 60 and has an authority to discuss about this.

Do you know I read 100s of manuscript written in Sanskrit and Nagari.

Do you know about Vedas?

If so at what extent?

It is a great work done by me. I am not talking about gods and goddess.

If you wish to argue with me read the full text and mail me your questions.

Read this several time before posting any comments.

Read these entire text if you have patience.

A man who encourage researches should be encouraged.

The doctors are giving oxygen to the patient. Do you that atmosphere has all other components apart from oxygen that is needed by our system? Our body needs all the chemical content in the room through our breath and our environments are fully responsible for our health. When a candle light dinner causes cancer why a herbal smoke can not work as a supportive medicine to cure cancer?

So before scolding any one use your mind.

Use polite words.

By the by do you know the Lankathipathy Ravana has written comments on Rig Veda that deals with Foetus and child birth?

If you don’t know come to India I will show that book to you.

I wish you to meet me in India, in chennai I will show from where I collected these materials.

Ever page has a foot note please go through them

Wish you to meet you and argue and tell more in near future that too after you read the entire text.



He included a pile of attachments — it looks like about 600+ pages. No, I’m not going to read them.

Oh, OK. I glanced at one.

It was B.C. 25,000 the first Veda manthra was chanted in South Pole.

The learned pandits and scholars who studied and analyzed the various Planets in the universe, divided the path of the Planets as Zodiac, at 300 each consisting of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius, and Pisces.

They came to a conclusion that each Planets is creating a vibration and named them as Electrons (-ve) the male planets; Magnetic forces (+ve), the female Planets and Transgender (That is the æthers), that transfers the energy in to the Earth, due to which the human body formed and the life energy is stored in the Earth.

They also got concrete evidences that all the rays coming out of each Planets are coming to South Pole where all the rays and vibrations combine together and throw them to the Earth, which is pulled by the North Pole. They felt that South Pole is axle of the Earth. This they named as Gayathri.

I’m done. That’s enough.

Cheaper than NASA

I’d love to visit Mars, especially if I could go with some dolphins. And now, for a mere $1550, I could attend the Dolphins & Teleportation Symposium 2011 and learn how to teleport!

This Workshop will include interspatial communication, quantum merging, E.T contact, teleportation to Mars, swimming in gentle waters with dolphins, sound healing, heart opening, cell activating, soul leadership, your planetary mission, laughter and humor, divine feminine, Geomancy, higher consciousness, the transformation of the ages, sacred wisdom societies, Martian life & artifacts, creating new timelines, mysticism and physics, empathy, intuition and creativity combined with logic and wisdom; PLUS Alternative 4 – the benevolent, peaceful reality we are creating.

That all sounds wonderful, except for the “heart opening” part. This could all be a front for a sinister cult that draws loving people in with tales of dolphins and laughter, and when they get you alone in the seminar room, the black robes are donned, the chanting begins, and out come the razor-sharp obsidian knives and you learn that the magic teleportation requires a sacrifice of a heart to the dark dolphin gods. At least all the participants will have wisely gotten high before the blood starts flowing.

Oh, well, I’d still go. Do you think they’ll pay my way to come over and cover the event for a popular and widely read blog?

Scientists with style

I think more scientists should be in GQ. Larry Moran exhibits both style and craftsmanship with his handmade haberdashery.


Now you might think I should be envious — I should have such panache! — but the tinfoil cone simply isn’t my way. Here in the frigid North, unlike temperate Toronto, such a device would refrigerate our heads, and we turn to fashions with élan and insulation.


Now you know why I get written up in Playboy and Larry doesn’t.

Of course, some people have a boot fetish instead. It’s very impractical: no way could you wear those and two pairs of thick woolen socks at the same time.

The Bible is not a medical text

Although citing the Bible seems to be a way to fast-track bad science papers to publication. In yet another example of a journal letting bad Bible interpretations pass for science, a paper titled “Newer insights to the neurological diseases among biblical characters of old testament has been published in the Annals of the Indian Academy of Neurology. It isn’t new or newer, it doesn’t offer any insights, and the title isn’t even grammatical. Among its inventions is the idea that Sampson was autistic because he was violent and had odd dietary habits, that Isaac was diabetic, and that Ezekiel had a stroke.

Could someone explain to me how dubious diagnoses based on vague descriptions of serially translated myths can actually advance our understanding of disease, other than by promoting the publication careers of scientists happy to pander to superstition? I suppose one use for these things is enhancing the jocularity of interactions between neuroscientists at the lab bench, since laughing at religious idiots could be a productive bonding experience between the grad students and post-docs.

(via Neuroskeptic and Autism Blog)