Fire the starting gun! The Darwin year begins…NOW!

It was on 1 July 1858, 150 years ago today, that the idea of natural selection was first presented to the public in a joint reading of Darwin’s and Wallace’s papers at the Linnean Society of London (an event which they did not recognize as important at the time), which makes today analogous to the Fourth of July for the biology revolution. Celebrate! If you’ve got a some fireworks you were saving for the holiday in a few days time, set off a few early.

The Beagle Project has a summary of the significance of this day in scientific history. If you want an anchor point for the Darwin Year, this is a good candidate — let the science flow forth.

More competition!

If you’ve been wondering about the mysterious presentiments and portents at The Loom and Bad Astronomy, wonder no more: just head on over to blogs at Discover Magazine page, and lo, there they are. It looks like every print magazine in the universe is realizing that they need a stable of bloggers to provide continuous, dynamic content, and Discover has poached our very own Carl Zimmer, which is sad to say for us.

They got Phil, too, but that isn’t such a big deal. I’m sure he came cheap.

Still, this is a good thing overall — I’m all for expanding the universe of science blogging.

(via Tangled Up in Blue Guy)

There are many of us here who deserve to read this

Are you an elitist bastard? I know I am! If you’re like me, then, you’ll appreciate a whole collection of unabashedly elitist, thoroughly bastardly sneers and tirades in the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards #2. Revel in it, you smug scoundrels.

And hey, I’m helming this carnival at the end of July, so send me your broadsides. If they meet my arrogantly high standards, they might make it into the next edition. All I ask is that you take your inspiration from Lord Flashheart, and do it with a bang.

If you’re really, really good, you might also volunteer to run one yourself. They’ve got a lot of empty slots in their calendar, no doubt because supremely elitist bastards are rare and hard to come by.