Shades of Haryun Yahya!

The Turkish creationist sunk a whole lot of money sending an elaborate creationist book to thousands of biologists. I’m sure he felt he was doing us a favor in sending us the light, but most of the recipients were feeling something less pleasant — it’s like receiving a gilded dead rat in the mail. Now the conservative Christians are going to get in the act, and in a low-rent version of the game are going to send a few hundred thousand cheap bibles to newspaper subscribers.

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The Pharyngula chat room has moved

Urgent news for the chatty among you: Skatje tells me the Pharyngula chat room has been playing musical chairs lately, and it is now located on channel #pharyngula on If you want to try it out, just click on the link above, and it’ll launch a java-based irc client and you can type away in real time to human beings.

Creationists and fundies are especially welcome to go witness to the regulars.