Our judiciary at work

Justice Scalia: “I told you I’m not a scientist. That’s why I don’t want to deal with global warming.”

He’s quite right, actually: he’s not a scientist, nor should we expect him to be. That’s why our government ought to be served by competent scientific advisors…and why it’s a shame that Scalia will probably think he’s doing his job if he listens to people from hack tanks like CEI and the Heritage Foundation.


You know, people don’t believe me when I say I don’t give my kids weekly or daily instruction about atheism, but it’s true: my daughter asked for my videos of “The Root of All Evil?” and “The God Who Wasn’t There” for the first time the other day, and I let her watch them. She has posted her reaction.

The sure sign that I didn’t tell her what to think is that she likes the idea of the Brights movement, which I’ve curled up my lip at from the beginning. She also thinks Dawkins could have been a bit tougher. Uh-oh—if you think I’m ornery, wait until the next generation takes over.

The Tribulation flops

If you’ve been wondering how it would turn out, the first review of the Left Behind video game is online. It doesn’t get any thumbs up.

Don’t mock Left Behind: Eternal Forces because it’s a Christian game. Mock it because it’s a very bad game. The real-time strategy/adventure game from Left Behind Games based on the best-selling series of novels from Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins will even let down born-again types who expect the Rapture to beam them up to heaven any day now. Nobody has enough faith to endure a game with such a hokey story, terrible mission design, serious problems with the interface and graphics, and loads of crippling bugs.

Now you see, this is what happens when you hire exorcists instead of programmers to do your debugging.

(via The Atheist Experience)

Juvenile science fiction recommendations?

I got a request from Hillary Rettig: those gift-giving holidays (you know, Cephalopodmas and some other religion-tainted days) are coming up, and as we are all pale, text-focused people here, she thought the Pharynguloid hive mind would be the perfect place to gather recommendations for books to infect young brains with the imaginative side of science. So, please, post your recommendations for juvenile science fiction right here. Everything from the classics to the very latest stuff is welcome.