Love & Grace

Response to Peter Wehner’s New York Times article, Christian Doomsayers Have Lost It

This is a refreshing bit of common sense from a leader on the right. He too is bewildered by the passions guiding the Christian Right’s allegiance to the current president. He collates our times with rhetoric from the extreme right touching on key moments of moral conflict: Hillary = Hitler, the Civil War, the Revolution, abortion, un-wed mothers, drag queens and the like. Yet his comments on the decline in abortion rates, teen sex, teen birth rates, drug use, and so on had me cheering: good for us! He sees the heightened emotions on the right, despite this good news, as “how moral concern has given way to moral panic.”

Mr. Wehner points out that the remaining issues are real, but hardly existential concerns. “We are not living in Nero’s Rome,” is how he succinctly put it.  Christians seem to have a “psychological craving for apocalyptic fear.” Every minor concern is taken out of context and magnified by the hair-on-fire fanaticism of Evangelicals.

“This apocalyptic moral mind-set has led to an alliance with a shockingly unethical figure, who embodies a mobster’s mentality and an anti-Christian ethic,” is the way he begins his accurate conclusion. Here is Mr Wehner’s point: love and grace should permeate our approach to conflict resolution, not fear, anxiety and anger.

Any Thoughts?