Flesh of Children…Revision

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Flesh of Children Carnival


Not much difference that I can see,

Matters of a dark degree, 

Through seemingly endless


Pedophilia’s theology

Is closeted by The Holy See.

Children, abused, need therapy.

And yet,

Another exploding trauma 

Confounds our youth-filled drama:

Gatling Gun deaths of lovers, 

Our Sisters, their brothers,

A Best Friend Forever 

(The measure of infinity,

Death was totally un-expected.)

This violent action tethered:

Kid’s safety 


Automatically available weaponry.


Articulate children — the rifleman’s fear above all-

Have marched in DC, made the Clarion Call.

Have we, 

Through these student measures,

Finally escaped the pressures 

Of those NRA confessors?

Bullies in gun bureaucracies 

Lose allegiance of constituencies

Who uphold common



NRA advocates — cranky old gents

And pretty spokesmodels 

Are the Bishops and Cardinals

Sweeping violent abuse into some other parish.

Ignore that child’s gaping, giant wound, 

This is not the time to heal such matters.


Call student dissent a ‘Carnival? 

Keep threats of carnage fed –

Carnivorous language chews up a student’s head.

With recollected images: 



Of that cute kid from the Bio lab

who’s been shot dead;

More fear of the boogey man, 

The pedophile priest, 

This flesh of children carnival upon which adults feast. 


Grown-ups create bureaucracies

That force alter boys down to their knees.

A class sweats for hours in cramped closets

Imagining fearful, awful horrors

Of dudes 

a wall away 

Bleeding in the corridors. 


We’ve lost our own morality,

It is gone from church and state.


Trust Kids to guide our fate?



David Hogg is standing up,

And so is Ms Tarr

Young Mr. Wind gives a good speech

and Emma González is 




They impress us with capacities

We’d hope to see in grown-ups, pa-lease?


Virtues, fearless, marched that day.

Apostasy was ripe. 

Our old hypocrisies

Are just plain trite. 

Kids stole authority 

From morality 

And showed us to the light.



Humanity’s moral incarnation,

Go forward!

Our destinies we gladly consign to you.



Any Thoughts?