Future Shadow

I have a little future that goes in and out with me, but what can be the use of it is more than I can see.

If people dealt with shadows the way they deal with their future, would they be any better off? If people dealt with their futures the way they deal with their shadows would they be any better off?

One thing that can easily be predicted is that when there is light, there is potential for a shadow. By making this prediction one implies the forward progression of time. Futures require planning, so do shadows; as a retired lighting designer I know whereof I speak. You can be dead and still cast a shadow, but your future is gone. There will be a future for your bits and pieces that rot back into the earth, but you are no longer present.

The ways in which your future and your shadow are alike or not:

-As a matter of practicality you cannot touch either of them. They are illusions that have been given names for the sake of convenience so that we may discuss them.

-You can see a shadow, but not a future.

-Both may be changed constantly for a multitude of reasons.

-Neither are moral, they are merely natural occurrences without moral intent or purpose.

-The sun provides most shadows and has the greatest influence on our future. No sun, no future, no shadow.

-Future sublimates into the past not pausing in the present, while shadows exist at the speed of light. They are modified by the addition or subtraction of even a single wavelength of the visible spectrum.

-Light, the defining element of a shadow can be every color: white, or a combination of wavelengths of color, while a shadow is devoid of color: black. The future seems inclined to follow this trend.

-Shadows are a result of the eternal nature of geometry and wave theory; they follow rules. The future is an element of time that we can only experience in the present moment. We recall the sequence of present moments and call it the past. Our experience of possible futures is limited given the vast nature of the universe and the short time of humanity’s presence in the Universe.

-We can anticipate where a shadow will fall due to the consistency of geometry. We can anticipate a future in less precise terms. For example, the illusion of the sun rising in the East and setting in the West seems to be as consistent as geometry. Is it? The sun may burn out or explode, a volcano or nuclear winter may obscure the sun for years, the Earth may change poles or shift to a different axis. Our whole existence could be thrown into upheaval, but the geometry for a point-source of light to create a shadow will never change as far as we know. We have a very clear understanding of a temporary area lacking illumination from a particular source of illumination.

-Our primary tool for understanding the future is the example of the past. We use our understanding of science, the laws of physics and geometry and math, etc, to anticipate the future. Billions of human brains have worked to improve our understanding of the rules of existence. The more we learn the more we find we need to learn. We will become extinct before we understand everything. So far, we can calculate a shadow, and construct a skyscraper, but not predict the future with accuracy. The only things that prevent an accurate prediction of shadow projection are the variables of the future. Will enough elements of the past remain viable in the future to reliably accommodate the use of accumulated knowledge from the past? Architects design buildings that last for decades based upon this expectation.

-So, in anticipation of retirement one is advised to save money using economic investment plans. These investment are like believing in one of the 2300 gods mankind has invented since history has been recorded; the plan is an article of faith. Some new plans are created, some fade away into obscurity and you have to believe in one of them strongly enough to put your life savings into it to prepare for the future. The choice of an investment plan is nothing like the certainty of predicting the nothingness of a shadow or an architect’s engineering knowledge. There is no certainty similar to the maths of geometry or physics that guide this enterprise. There is only soul-less accounting ruled by those who honor greed as a virtue.

-With confidence in certain studied aspects of science a building can be built. This is a marked contrast to the economic bubbles our economy is using as a foundation. The building will still stand, but I would rather put my faith in the empty void of a predictable shadow than an economy under this immoral speculative gamble. The past shows that banks lie, cheat and steal. Wall Street bears and bulls itself constantly. Tariffs on steel and aluminum will begin a trade war. Fine print, hidden fees and deceitful salesmanship are as scary as any natural element of the future. Reliance upon any of these bubbles may be futile. Money itself is a bubble.

-As I write this the US East Coast is preparing for yet another winter hurricane/northeaster. My Island will take years to recover from the two record-setting back-to-back Cat 5 hurricanes last fall. Across the globe weather is changing and scientists have been telling us about it, but we have ignored them. We seem to have stopped learning from what we know; we have chosen ignorance, similar to the Evangelicals, Rush Limbaugh and commercialism. Consequently we are stuck with a know-nothing President running us headlong into natural disasters unheard of in our short history. Scientists, engineers and architects build for what is known, we are causing a spectacular unknown with the climate, and yet we expect structures and society to survive based upon what? The void of a well-described shadow?

Any Thoughts?