Crikey on the Psyche

A person’s mental health can feel like Prometheus bound to a rock where an eagle comes to eat his liver every day after it grows back each night. Political activism takes something from your soul with consistency while never providing the restorative qualities of an immortal Greek God like Prometheus. LGBTQ rights activism is particularly hard because the fight is about love and identity: feelings. We aren’t permitted to have certain feelings if they don’t jive with the status quo. When emotions are different from the majority there is embarrassment and humiliation.

eagle eating liver

Now try standing up to fight that fight on a daily basis. You are always outside the group, estranged from society and called an abomination by that pinnacle of morality, the child-raping church. Existing as the perpetual outsider who actively demands acceptance is a political thing. Declaring your status as ‘different’ is a political act because it carries with it the request for acceptance. This forces a choice upon those you encounter: to accept, ignore, or reject you, and your feelings. Sometimes you see the word ‘abomination’ growing in their eyes at the simplest of requests: ‘We’d like a queen size bed, thank you, not two singles’ and suddenly the wrath of god is raging at the hotel check-in desk.

Prometheus carries the qualities of being a trickster, intelligence, forethought, the pursuit of knowledge even at great risk, and he is the God who first gave fire to humanity.  In ancient Greece the part of the body where emotions dwell was thought to be the liver. The King of the Gods, Zeus didn’t like him giving humans the ability to make use of fire so he punished Prometheus by tying him to a rock so an eagle could eat his emotions/liver daily.

Folks in the LGBTQ community know what it is like having their emotions picked at daily by authority figures and theo-blinded bullies at the front desk. Fortunately, most people don’t like liver, but all it takes is one asshole to ruin your day, or your mood, or take the fun out of life.

So, I avoid Christians at all costs. Bye, Bye, So long, and fuck off. That born-agin-glaze in their eyes isn’t friendly. Christian love does not include the LGBTQ community in a meaningful way. Even the Presbyterians include a “traditional” insult in their rules about marriage, just to take one more poke at the fags before they permit gays to be married. It’s as if they are being dragged into this marriage thing by an actual loving God instead of the one they pray to, and they resent it. The eagle gets one last bite of the emotional liver. Thanks church!

Sorry, did I insult you? Then why is your faith so caught up in sex? Until people who call themselves “Christian” take responsibility for defining the word (christian) and living up to the word together, a derogatory behavior by one Christian sub-set is derogatory behavior of all Christians. It is not my job to distinguish one sect from another; it is their job to speak with a unified voice, either that or don’t use the word ‘christian.’ Pick one. If your name can’t be used accurately, with precision, then no one truly understands it; this is the way Trump voters think of Mexicans and Muslims.

You mean turn about isn’t fair play? It’s not fair to lump all christians together just because they are Christians? This is the baffling part of bigotry. The number of denominations under the umbrella of Christianity is so vast that no one could, with clarity, explain their differences and their similarities. I know there are Shiite and Sunni Muslims and probably many variations on each, but I was raised in the First Presbyterian Church and I could not tell you the difference between that and the Second or Third Presbyterian church. There is no need for me to figure it out now, having disavowed any form of christianity. Except that each variation of the Christian or Muslim theme also carries a political element. That is the important distinction to make.

We had a PRIDE Week scheduled here starting the day after hurricane Irma and rescheduled it for the day after Maria hit and finally had a scaled down version in late November. Next year’s will be held sometime other than hurricane season. PRIDE will always be needed as long as Christians keep pecking at our liver. Anti-LGBTQ christians are the loudest, most vocal, and are active in legal violence as an enemy; pro-LGBTQ christians are barely a whisper in the political debate. Until they stand up and actively join the battle they are still on the other side. I hate to sound like George W. Bush but either you are with us or you are a Christian. Period.

Evangelical White Christians

Their values are modeled

on those of the Donald.

Trumping the vision

of He who is Risen.

Thoughtless devotion

to orange-haired emotion

renders a notion

not worth promotion.


Those who have toyed

with paranoid red-herrings

lose ethical bearings,

mixing right with wrong.

They’ve ‘fake’ delusions

he’ll give divine solutions

like nuclear profusions

and doctrinal devolutions.


Yes, I know our times are broken

and it may be harshly spoken

but we’re dealing with the tokens

of Evangelical promotions

so forget poetic notions:

We’re all fucked!


By Bill O’Donnell