My Pearly-eyed Friend

I’ve got the ATT Hot Spot up and running slowly at home. It’s looking up pictures of native island birds so I can identify the species of my lunch partner which I’ll mention later in this paragraph should it appear. My husband and I thought that I might be more productive and less prone to eat all day if I found a nice quiet spot to sit and write. So, I started my search for the perfect spot at Polly’s On The Pier, a restaurant run by two friends of ours, Chuck and Chris. Internet access comes with a purchase and if you sit in the courtyard you may be joined by a chicken or two, or a Pearly-eyed Thrasher as I was today. The food’s good too!Pearly-eyed Thrasher

He, the bird, wasn’t really much of a conversationalist which is good because I was there to write not peck at crumbs. And since he wasn’t able to find any crumbs this early in the day he perched on the back of the chair at the table across from me. He silently watched me eat and type, looking out for potential boons of blueberry waffles or fried sausage patties. He remained attentive even after the plates were cleared and I continued typing. I enjoyed his company and would have stayed longer if not for the diesel generator across the courtyard that currently powers this area. It is loud and stinky. It gave me a headache. I hope my pearly-eyed friend deemed my companionship sufficient for my droppings were meager.

The power grid on St. Croix is being restored by linemen from the States. They are fast and efficient and rapidly running out of materials to do their job. No-one here is accustomed to such quality or speed, which is why every home and business has its own generator. The government is generally thought to be corrupt so the financial aid may not actually be going for supplies as intended. Donald Trump doesn’t realize that he is the President of these islands. Most U.S. citizens don’t realize we are part of the USA. Fortunately, the US Postal System does. Our anonymity is one of the joys of Island life. Think of us as one of those cities in Michigan in need of an economic supervisor for our own financial survival. Then come on down and spend your tourist dollars – you will enjoy it and that is how we make our money.

Actually, forget about the Michigan comparison, we’re the opposite, we’re warm and sunny (and broke). And even though our beaches moved about twenty yards off shore during the hurricanes I’m sure the sand will crawl back on-shore soon.

Any Thoughts?