Spirit of Positivity

We were so close.

Then came January 20th and the inauguration with its ominous speech from Hell.

There was no ‘shining city on a hill,’ no one was ‘having a dream,’ there was no “What can I do for my country?’ instead there was: ‘American Carnage,’ obscure references to an “us” that seemed to  be someone else, and a promise that certain members of a religious group:

we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth”.

I started to write a positive post here but it’s already gone astray, sorry. I’ve been thinking about the future and how to remain positive about it. When I first moved to the Island of St. Croix I saw bumper-stickers saying, “Positive is how I live.” I automatically thought it was about having HIV and taking proper care of themselves, but I saw the phrase everywhere, it was on way too many t-shirts and store-fronts for that. Turns out it is a non-profit effort to give local children a useful attitude toward the future and prepare them for success in their lives. How Cool!

A friend of mine volunteers her time in the library at a local elementary school. When Trump was elected her students asked if that meant they would have to go to Africa since they have dark skin. How positive can life be if that question is on their minds?

Some things are beyond my control, so I’ve decided to look on the bright side of life. I’m tired of being depressed and anxious about the future so Positive is how I will live. I have many reasons to be positive. For example, my home is well above the 17’ rise in sea level predicted within the next 30 years. We checked the FEMA tsunami prediction maps before purchasing the property. The projections were made with existing water levels so, adding another 17’ above that puts us in…Oops, did it again. Stay positive!

We’re putting skylight windows in to brighten the interior of our home, a generator for the frequent power outages, and glass windows instead of screens and storm shutters that will help with rust and mildew. I’m going to stop right here lest I venture into less-than-positive areas like the corner of the bedroom that seems to be separating from the rest of the house, so I won’t even mention that in the spirit of positivity.

I’m volunteering for the PRIDE events celebrated in September here. A large chunk of the local gay community on this isolated island is still living in the Boys In The Band era of the 1960s while the ex-pat gay community is loud and proud and a big part of the development of the West End of the island. My task is to bridge that gap between the closeted crowd and the loud and proud crowd with a party for our allies during PRIDE Week. The theme is “Harmony.” I know it’s going to take more than just one event, but this is a positive with no downside. We’re here, We’re queer, We’re allies, Let’s have a party together, so we all can get used to it.

No cynical ending to this post guys, I’M POSITIVE!


Any Thoughts?