Flat Iguana & The ICE-berg

The day after my first encounter with a boa constrictor I walked the dogs along our usual path. On the way back I noticed an iguana on the side of the road. I figured the dogs would scare it away but it just stood there, unmoving. I looked more closely as we passed and it didn’t move for me either. It was frozen into an action pose that looked like it would be taking the next step, its eyes were open, it just did not move. So we moved on.St_Thomas_Marriott_Iguana_8The next day the iguana was gone. On the way back we noticed the same iguana on the other side of the road frozen in the same pose as before. Which made me wonder: “Why did the iguana cross the road”? And more to the point, “How did the iguana cross the road”? I began to wonder whether the iguana was a stuffed animal since it hadn’t yet started to smell going on several days now. A closer look revealed desiccated eyes so I left it alone. A corpse is prone to bloating; a sudden release of said bloat would be unpleasant at best.

We kept walking by it daily; I eventually noticed it getting shorter and smellier. The dogs became quite interested the smellier it got. I maneuvered them to the other side of the road to avoid contact with the smell.  After some time it simply flattened out. One day it was out on the roadway itself, flatter even still, with a tire tread clearly embedded across it. Today it still has some odiferous qualities, but all that remains identifiable are the claws and the scales of its skin.

I am telling this tale because many of my assumptions about life and nature have come into question lately. For example, I’d expect any animal that dies under this hot sun to start stinking pretty quickly. In the states, roadkill swell up fast in the direct sun. Some things just don’t happen the way you’d expect, like President Trump.

How’s that for a transition?

I went from flat iguana to fiendish tyrant in short order. It’s sort of like that old Monty Python joke: “Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition,” and yet, there they are – a bunch of bumbling red-robed Cardinals.


She’s on the “rack”

Well, if anyone is still reading this I would like to talk about icebergs now.

About 90% of an iceberg is under water and invisible to those of us observing from up top. If you are the type who wouldn’t expect an inquisition, then you certainly wouldn’t expect what’s under the visible iceberg. I suspect Trump is an iceberg, so we had better start expecting an inquisition. 0416_Eisberg_f6c161516e

How’s that for a mixed metaphor?

Let’s stop the bumbling Cardinals before their un-expected inquisition begins. Trump has activated ICE with great authority. This is from a Salon article by Heather Digby Parton:

Stories abound of people being rousted from their homes, and even shot, by ICE agents. People have committed suicide in detention centers. Kids are watching their parents dragged away in handcuffs, and women are withdrawing domestic abuse complaints for fear of being detained. In Los Angeles, reports of sexual assaults are down 25 percent from last year, which authorities attribute to victims being afraid to come forward. In Atlanta, African immigrants are being rounded up for deportation at much higher rates than in 2016.100203houston_lg

If that is what we can see of the ICE-berg, what is below the surface?

Any Thoughts?