Yell Well

This is about an ex-Presidential Candidate who is proud of his Yell Leadership. I have to confess that I don’t know what that is, so why am I talking about it? Well, yelling apparently gives a person the credentials to complain about Student Government Elections in Texas. Neither being that State’s ex-Governor nor Secretary of Energy are essential criteria, but yelling is. I’m going to have to look this up.

So, according to this YouTube video, and a few subsequent videos, Yell Leaders exist at Texas A&M University to replace female cheerleaders, but they don’t like to be called cheerleaders because of its feminine connotations. These macho men have big muscles and are manly. The primary benefit of being elected to this prestigious position is that you get to date a lot of girls. Someone says so in the videos. Anyone who does this non-feminine version of cheerleading is well known on campus and gets lots of dates. They are usually quite good-looking guys and muscular from doing pushups.


Not Feminine

Got that? As elected yellers these handsome fellers have some kind of pull with University dwellers for many years after they graduate. Rick Perry the yeller mentioned above decided to use the bully pulpit of ex-yeller to get an editorial published in a Texas newspaper complaining about a recent Student Government election here and here, his other titles may have helped some too.  As a yeller he is already hyper-sensitive to being thought of as a cheerleader (girly) so when a gay man got elected as President of Student Government at his alma-mater he did what any like-minded republican, masculine cheerleader type would do and turned the gay student into a national, modern-day, LGBT version of Rosa Parks. (They can’t help themselves!)

There are a few other details to mention. Bobby Brooks, the new president (and inadvertent gay rights icon of the month), just like Trump, did not win the popular vote. The student who did was disqualified by a unanimous vote of the SGA leaders who make these decisions. The student who was disqualified is the son of a Republican fundraiser who campaigned for Trump. Gee, maybe the highly placed federal Cabinet Secretary was doing a political favor? I doubt that, this fits in with Trump’s anti-gay agenda more than simply fulfilling a campaign debt, but it did kill two birds with one stone.

So, Trump and Perry put their feet in their mouths again. The Department of Energy got hijacked by a local student government non-issue. And Bobby Brooks’ political career just got the biggest boost possible. Your tax dollars at work!

Any Thoughts?