Oceanoxia has an index now! Also new patron perks!

Ok, so it occurred to me a little while back that I’ve written a lot of blog posts, and while some are basically content to keep the blog afloat. Many are more than that. It’s getting harder to find the ones I want, when I want to re-share or refer back to them, and I actually have an internal search function the rest of y’all can’t access.


I decided to make an index, and because I hate having a pinned post at the top of my blog, I’ve made it on my patreon. Basically, the goal is to have all my blog posts on it, organized by topic. Some posts are relevant to multiple topics, so they’ll show up in each topic index. The posts in each topic are ordered newest to oldest, like your standard blog, but it’s just links, so it’s easier to scroll through. This is currently free to anyone – patron or not – and I intend to keep it that way.

For my patrons, well, I’ve not been great so far at making content just for them, so most of them are currently there just because they want to support my work. That said, I want to offer patron rewards that I can actually deliver, so here’s the new deal:

I’m working a lot more on fiction now, so my patrons – at $5 and above – get to name characters in my fiction. The higher your tier, the more influence you get over the character’s personality, backstory, appearance, and so on. This being the internet, I’m obviously retaining editorial control, so there won’t be any “Longrod Von Hugendong” in a story where it just wouldn’t fit. Joke names will have to wait for joke stories, I’m afraid. Beyond that, my economic future kinda depends on both happy patrons, and on publishing the novel I’m working on, which means this is the perfect opportunity for you to slip something for yourself into a subversive sword and sorcery epic!

I’ll be updating the index fairly regularly, not just to fill out new topics and keep up to date, but also to improve the index as a resource. That means that if you have an opinion about how it’s organized, if there’s a post you think should or should not be in a category, or anything constructive feedback, feel free to send it my way!

And finally, thank you all for reading, commenting, and sharing. I’m finding this work more fulfilling than I honestly expected to even this time last year, and a lot of that is because of you folks. Hopefully enough people will sign up that I can afford to keep doing it when my current situation ends in a couple years.

Things remain chaotic and scary out there, and it still looks like that’s going to keep getting worse before it gets better. Take care of yourselves and those around you.


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