It’s Time to Become an Anti-National

One of the goals of the Hindutva project is to make “India” synonymous with “Hindu”. So a true Indian is a Hindu whereas one who is not a Hindu or doesn’t acknowledge the Hinduness of India is an anti-national. Over the recent years, this Hindutva project seems to be gaining some perceptible ground.

A while back Subramanian Swamy wanted Indians to either acknowledge their Hindu antecedents or give up their voting privileges. This feat of bigotry cost Swamy his Harvard position. but his views won him millions of fans in India. By any standard, he is a very popular politician in India and that is not because of the various lawsuits he filed, but mainly because of his new found Hindutva piety.

Then there is the intolerance of any contrary views when it comes to issues like Kashmir. So people like Arundhati Roy and Prashant Bhushan became seditionists and anti-nationals. The question here isn’t whether they are justified in their views or not, but whether they have the right to express those views in the first place. But the increasing jingoistic cacophony doesn’t make any allowance for such questions. It only has patience for one mindless chant – “India First”; where what counts as “First” is an euphemism for putting Hinduness before the constitutional idea of India.

In the recent weeks there was the rhetoric surrounding academic research on Hinduism. Apparently, not joining the Hindutva orchestra in demonizing the likes of Doniger is grounds for suspecting that one is anti-national.

And this week, some Kashmiri students were booked for sedition because they supported Pakistan in a India vs Pakistan cricket match. It may well be that the students are enamoured of the Islamic state of Pakistan and so support it, but that is no grounds for sedition.

So where does that leave freethinkers like me?

I liked Doniger’s “The Hindus” in that I got to hear Hindu voices that lie outside the framework of Vedic Hinduism. I think people like Arundhati Roy have the right to express their views without the threats of sedition charges. I have no love for the Islamic path that Pakistan has taken, but someone supporting a cricket team should never be treated as a thought crime that would eventually lead to they becoming traitors.

Given those views of mine, the “India First” brigade may well decree that I am an anti-national. In that case I gladly accept that label. I would not have settled for anything less, as for me people and their rights come first.

Riffing of an old Hindutva slogan, Garv se kaho hum anti-national hain (Translation: Proclaim with pride that we are anti-nationals).


  1. hexidecima says

    anti-national, anti-tribal, anti-religious. all useless artifacts of our past that might have had some use once but no more.

  2. Ravi Morey says

    I am an American citizen living in Houston, Texas. So, I guess I am “anti-national” by definition! I actually gave up my Indian citizenship in exchange for American citizenship! In any case, we have similar problems here. Many politicians say America is a “Christian Nation” even though the founders themselves maintained America does not belong to any particular religion.

  3. says

    The word “Hindutva” sounds Fascist and not “Hinduism” Seeds for Hidutva were sown by Golwalkar a maharastrian Brahmin and RSS.All Intellectuals and rationalists should join and foil the dream of Hindu–Rastra.

  4. Shamim Ahmed says

    I feel my real life is now a cage. Living in a paranoia. Ultra-nationalists are everywhere, from my workplace to gali-nukkad-bazaar. Wish I had enough degrees to move to a free-thinkers heaven. I am not a revolutionary type. Just a lazy, timid, escapist person. 🙁 🙁 But I still want to say,” Proclaim with pride that I am an anti-national”

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