How Much Do YOU Pay Your Domestic Worker? Take the Survey

One aspect of the recent Devyani Khobragade controversy has been the treatment of domestic workers, particularly how much (or how little) we pay them. We’ve decided to do an online survey to get an idea of how much domestic workers in India are paid, and for what kind of work. It’s a short survey, consisting of just 10 simple questions. It will only take 5 minutes of your time, so if you employ a domestic worker in India, please do take it – and please spread this link around too. We’ll publish the results on the main Nirmukta site in due course. Thank you! (UPDATE Jan 2 2014: The results of the survey have been published here.)

Click Here to Take the Survey

A female domestic worker sitting on the floor and washing kitchen utensils.

A female domestic worker sitting on the floor and washing kitchen utensils.
(Image via The Hindu; links to source.)



  1. says

    I can say with pride I have never employed a human to clean up after me, because I don’t have the money to. If I did somehow become ridiculously wealthy and decided I needed domestic workers, I’d be paying them well, with good time off/work hours, and paid vacation, and benefits, because they’re human beings and deserve those things just like I do.

    Of course, the chances of my becoming so wealthy are twofold: those chances are slim, and fat.

  2. Oob says

    Indeed, only rich people have domestic workers, and as a result it always shocks me that they tend to be so incredibly stingy.

    Family Guy in particular tells no end of jokes at the expense of domestic workers, and to that I say…. no, no no, sense of humor no here.

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