Group Protest Over Slow Dabholkar Murder Investigation

Nashik, 21st Sept.

One month after the assassination of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, rationalist and founder of MANIS (Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti), the police have been unable to identify suspects and nab the killers and their masterminds. The activists of Nashik branch of ANIS (Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti) and MANIS decided to hold a protest on 21st September 2013, to urge the government authorities to transfer the case to a competent investigative agency so that justice is served speedily.

Activists at the event, holding placards and with black bands across their mouths.

Activists at the event, holding placards and with black bands across their mouths.

Dr. Dabholkar had recently held a training workshop at Nashik in his campaign against caste panchayats.

I reached the spot at 10.30 AM and the activists had started gathering in front of the Collector’s office. Regional channels from major television networks were present to cover the event. About 140-160 activists, stoically sat down for an hour of silent protest with black bands tied around our mouths.

The protest ended with singing of MANIS’s signature song in Marathi, “Doke wapra” (use your heads/brains) exhorting people to take rational decisions and not be swayed by superstition.

I discovered that Dr. Dabholkar’s name had entered the realms of the subaltern heroes, as I heard the second song to the tune of Marathi folk ballads which eulogised Dr. Dabholkar as being born in the land of Bheem and Phule (Dr. B. Ambedkar and J. Phule – the great social reformers).

We then marched across and handed over the letter from MANIS to the Collector, Nashik, who assured us that the criminal investigation was not being neglected and the killers would be caught and prosecuted.

As we dispersed, veteran activists told the younger ones that it’s your responsibility now to take the movement forward. MANIS has published a booklet to distribute in its camps to create awareness about the Ordinance passed the State government:
“Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and Other Inhuman, Evil and
Aghori Practices and Black Magic Act- 2013″ (In Hindi-English)
Here is the link to the booklet on their Facebook page.

Activists at the event, holding placards and with black bands across their mouths.

Activists at the event, holding placards and with black bands across their mouths.

Here is a video clip of the protest from Star Majha news channel:


  1. Alex C. says

    The headline seems to suggest that there was a group protest over the murder investigation. Could you rectify it to read that the group was not protesting the investigation itself, but the slowness of it? Thanks!

    Let’s hope that the Ordinance moved due to Dr. Dabholkar’s sacrifice is duly enacted into Law and does not lapse after 6 months (as the Govt’s plan seems to be).

  2. Swatistar says

    @ Alex C.
    Thanks for the valid suggestion. I request the editors to make necessary changes.

    The State govt. is unwilling to crack down on right-wing extremist groups and the unlawful caste panchayats. In its attempt to not appear anti-Hindu or anti-religion, the cabinet has passed an Ordinance that has only 12 clauses of the 33 listed by Dr. Dabholkar.
    Activists of MANIS/ANIS are demanding that the murder investigation be handed over to the CBI.
    They’re also going to hold camps all over the State, explaining the Law and clearing misconceptions so that people pressurize their elected representatives to pass it in the assembly.

  3. grumpyoldfart says

    When I first heard the news of the assassination I instantly thought to myself, “Nobody will be arrested for this murder.”

    Strange isn’t it? The largest democracy in the world is the place where you least expect justice to be done.

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