Self Care – How to Make a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE MEGA CAKE! With GIANT COOKIES & COOKIE BUTTER Buttercream! (YouTube Video)

(Have I shared this already? I think I might have. Welp, all well. Here is it again.)

love How to Cake It. Yolanda Gampp is just a phenomenal baker and artist, and her cakes are ridiculously out of this world.

As someone who loves chocolate chip cookies, this mega cake just makes me drool. I can imagine that a single slice is nearly, if not over, 1000 calories, but I don’t care, because… just… damn

Join me in drooling…

How to Cake It: Chocolate Chip Cookie Mega Cake

I had to share this. I’m not even hungry and I was drooling a river… it is a YouTube video. I’ll include the links to the recipe and such below the fold, after the video. I don’t have a stand mixer (not much kitchen space, and they’re expensive!), but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try and make this.

Like… holy crap…

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