Great Guitar Solos – Cream Play Crossroads Live

Often, when you love an artist, you eventually end up discovering that they really aren’t a great person. This has held true with Eric Clapton. It kinda sucks that this amazing guitarist who, like many other amazing guitarists, made his money playing the music of black people (the Blues), was also pretty damn racist (and considering the fact that he’s never actually apologized for those remarks, and actually reiterated his support for Enoch Powell over 30 years later, probably still is). Sadly, I can’t hold up one of his greatest guitar solos without at least mentioning his racism.

With that in mind, his guitar solos on their cover of Robert Johnson’s Crossroads is pretty damn incredible. Proof that “Slowhand” was more a misnomer than a nickname; he had speed.

(This video, BTW, was made by taking the track from Cream’s album “Wheels of Fire” and matching it with video from another show of them playing this same song.)

The first guitar solo starts at 1:28 and ends at 2:11. The second guitar solo starts at 2:32 and ends at 3:36.


Merry/Happy Something or Other! Got Any Good Holiday Music?

I was originally going to write this big rant on all this bullshit about “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Kwanzaa” and “Happy Yule!” and “Season’s Greetings!” and whatnot and about how I will never understand why anyone gives a shit about what greeting is used during this time of the year, because isn’t it the sentiment behind it that matters? But ultimately decided that wasn’t worth my time because… really… I’m over it.

Say “merry Christmas!” to me, and I’ll say it back. Say “happy holidays!” to me, and I’ll say it back. Say any variation of “happy/merry [insert holiday celebrated in December here]” and I’ll say it back because the sentiment matters more to me than the frickin’ words we use.

But anyways…

After various discussions with people, I realized that I am a bit bah humbug about elements of this season…

I mean, I do sort of hate that, in our capitalist society, we have to start “celebrating” Christmas before Halloween ever gets around, but that’s not what this is about.


It’s about the music.

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Great Guitar Solos – David Gilmour Plays This Heaven Live in Gdańsk

I really like this one. This Heaven is such a great song to begin with, and it’s such a really good guitar solo. Here’s Gilmour and his band (including Richard Wright [RIP]) playing this song at the Gdańsk Shipyards on August 26, 2006.

There are, technically, three solos in this song, but the first two are more just short bridges. The third and main solo starts at 2:31:


IMPORTANT! Call to Action! The Injustice Boycott

This will be short and sweet.

It’s called the Injustice Boycott, and it launched Monday, December 5. That link is to the main page. Here is Shaun King’s article on it, and here is the page to sign up. And here is the Facebook community page.

This is your ULTIMATE call to action.

Fight injustice.

Boycott fascism.

Will you join thousands, and help grow the movement to millions?


Starting on December 5th, 2016. INJUSTICE BOYCOTT. We’ve done it before – we can do it again. We are 90,001 people strong (updated daily). Click here for our plan. Join the Boycott.

Planting Peace Fundraiser: Transgender House

I’m sorry but… how is this only 16% funded?

Where is everybody?

Why hasn’t this already screamed past its initial goal?

We need to fix this, readers.

Here’s the link to the donation page. Here’s Upworthy’s article on it. If you can’t donate, then please share with your friends. Get it funded.

Please. This would be amazing. And Avery Jackson deserves it.


ETA: They did still buy and paint the house, so it now exists. Which is awesome. But I still see no reason that campaign shouldn’t finish getting the funding. I think that treat would be wonderful.

Great Guitar Solos – Nirvana Plays Aero Zeppelin

Oh! Hello! How is everyone? Are y’all all right?

I’m better. Still angry, still fighting, but… better.

Decided that it was time to clear out the cobwebs and start this one up again.

This time around it’s… yes… Nirvana. Nirvana holds a rather special place in my heart. Before Nirvana, I pretty much listened to children’s music, boy bands, and mainstream pop crap. Then a friend introduced me to Nirvana, and that changed literally everything for me in terms of how I listened to music. Sure, Led Zeppelin’s my all-time favorite band, but they wouldn’t be if not for Nirvana.

We’re starting back up with the solo from their song Aero Zeppelin. It starts at 3:14 and ends at 3:44.


Trumpgrets Are Infuriating

First off, thanks to Caine for linking to this Tumblr. It’s called Trumpgrets. I went through it the first time just laughing, enjoying the schadenfreude I felt at all this. I even said the following on Facebook:

Trump Voters: “We need an outsider who tells it like it is! He’ll break up the establishment and Make America Great Again!”

Trump: *fills his administration with Washington and Wall Street insiders and members of the establishment, plus a few actual White Supremacists*

Trump Voters: *fill with regret*

Me: “Fuck all of you.”

But now, I’m going back through it, and I’m genuinely pissed off. What were these assholes watching? How could they have been so damned confused about which candidate Trump was and which candidate Clinton was? It seems to me like, somehow, they completely flipped them! Did they think Trump was running as the Democrat and Clinton was running as the Republican, or something?

I mean… what the hell?

Below the fold are a few choice examples that really angered me…

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