Great Guitar Solos – Porcupine Tree’s Shesmovedon

Here’s a band that was popular in the 90s, often considered the logical progression of what Pink Floyd started. Sadly, they seem to be relative unknowns today, including the amazing musician, composer, singer, and guitarist Steven Wilson. You’ll be seeing Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson (with his solo work and other projects) relatively often in this series, because I’m such a huge fan.

Porcupine Tree was even more the quintessential angsty teenage band than Nirvana. Hell, they have an entire album, called Fear of a Blank Planet, that is literally about “two typical neurobehavioural developmental disorders affecting teenagers in the 21st century: bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder, and also with other common behaviour tendencies of youth like escapism through prescription drugs, social alienation caused by technology, and a feeling of vacuity—a product of information overload by the mass media.” So it’s kind of funny that I discovered, and fell in love with, their music when I was already well into “adulthood”.

Anyways… this one doesn’t come from Fear of a Blank Planet, but from their album Lightbulb Sun. The lyrics are almost sort of nice guy bemoaning, sadly. They’re basically the dude (not necessarily Steven Wilson himself, as the vast majority of his albums are concept albums, so they tell stories with characters) bemoaning the loss of a girlfriend who he thinks was just using him. The lyrics are… fine… but the guitar solo is what makes this song. It’s so powerful, and I adore it.

As usual, there’s no video to this one, just audio. The solo starts at 3:25 and ends at 5:05.


#BlackLivesMatter Keith Lamont Scott

This… I…

On Tuesday, September 20th, Keith Lamont Scott was murdered by police by his car near his apartment. This sparked protests (here’s a reminder before anyone starts bemoaning riots).

Police insist he had a gun. His family says he had a book he was reading in his car waiting for a family member to return home from school. Based on their history in these cases, I do not believe the cops. Keith’s family also says he was disabled.

Keith Lamont Scott, right, with his wife and son

Keith Lamont Scott, right, with his wife and son

His family has a GoFundMe. If you can afford to, please donate. If you can’t, please share. Thank you.

Congress Unanimously Passes The Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights

(Content Warning: As you can see from the title, this is about the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Bill of Rights. This of course means general discussion of sexual assault and rape.)

Those are three words I’m not sure I’ve heard in a really long time. Especially attached to something so good.

From Slate:

Sexual-assault survivors will soon have a federal bill of rights if Barack Obama signs a piece of legislation that has already passed through both chambers of Congress. The House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill on Tuesday requiring that victims be informed of their rights and the progress of their medical forensic examinations, commonly called rape kits, in federal cases of sexual assault.

The Senate’s version of the bill also passed unanimously in May. Once a small discrepancy is resolved in conference, the legislation will go to the president.

If Obama gives it his signature, the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights will ensure that victims are offered a medical forensic examination for free (many are still charged for the procedure); that they are informed of its results; that the evidence gathered is kept for 20 years or the duration of the statute of limitations, whichever comes first; that survivors may request to be notified 60 days before the rape kit is destroyed; and that they may request to preserve the evidence for a longer period of time. The bill also establishes a working group to evaluate the efficacy of its provisions and report back in two years.

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Great Guitar Solos – Steve Howe “Masquerade”

I don’t like everything Yes, but I do enjoy their more progressive/symphonic stuff. And I consider Steve Howe to be one of the greats. This was first released on the Yes “Union” album, which I own. It’s a full-on instrumental guitar solo… no other instruments or singing or anything. It’s a bit more simple than other solos, but I absolutely love it. Years ago I tried learning how to play it, but I wasn’t good enough then, and I haven’t tried again in years. I think I’d have a much easier time picking it up now if I tried… and I think I very well might.

This video is from Steve Howe’s own Youtube channel. It shows both his fingering hand his picking hand, so you can see exactly how he plays it. I find it really nice, simple, and atmospheric. I hope you like it, too.

Rapist Tries the “I Have a Big Dick” Defense

(Trigger Warning: This is about an asshole who raped someone, and his absolutely terrible excuse. I will be quoting from part of the article. It doesn’t go into horrible detail, but still…

Also, I’ll put a content note for incoherent rage and language from me because… this is just…)

I really don’t have words for this, but it needs to be highlighted, because… I just…

Stockbroker accused of rape says he thought woman was crying because of his penis size

A London stockbroker accused of rape says he thought his alleged victim was crying because of the size of his penis.

Daniel Green is accused of raping a woman in her 20s in the offices of StratX last May when she crawled under a desk to go to sleep after a party with drinking and cocaine.

The 26-year-old testified that the two remained in the office after most others at the party had left, and began to have consensual sex, according to The Mirror.

“I looked up and I see a tear on her face. So I sat back. I said, ‘F–k you are crying,” he said, adding that she then told him, “Can you leave please, just go.”

Green said in court that he thinks the woman may have been crying because his penis, which he claims is 10 inches long with a four-inch girth, hurt her.



Sorry. I had no choice but to repeat my Facebook reaction. I just… how… why… you…

Leonardo Dicaprio screaming in anger...