Thank you all

In my last post, I mentioned that FreethoughtBlogs was doing a Mothers’ Day fundraiser, to cover some of the debt left over from the legal costs of the Carrier lawsuit. I promised to match up to $1,000, and I am happy to say, that my limit was hit within hours. All together we raised $7,349.04, which is an amazing amount.

As an result we will be reducing the legal debt by quite a large chunk.

To thank you for the contributions, we’re doing a livesteam soon (technology allowing, obviously)

Mother’s Day fundraiser

As many of you might be aware, several blogs on FreethoughtBlogs are doing a Mother’s Day fundraiser to raise money to pay off the left-over debt from the Richard Carrier lawsuit.

I am unfortunately not really talented enough to help in many creative efforts, so I have thought of a different way of helping.

Instead of being creative, I have decided to step up and support financially, by matching any contributions that comes in during this month, up to $1,000. This means that any donation will count for twice as much (at least until we reach the $1,000 mark).

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I think most of my readers will have seen the iconic performance by Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, Dhani Harrison and Prince playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” at the 2004 inclusion of George Harrison in the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. This performance is of course mostly known for how Prince showed that he was a legend among legends.

I just found out that the original video has been re-edited and put up in a “director’s cut”

See it, and enjoy a master at the top of his game