Half-million Dollar Baby?

(Like many Americans, I am thinking about health care and health insurance lately. I’ve really only ever had one major run-in with health issues and the health system, and it was intensive, both literally and figuratively. I had a baby that was born at 25.5 weeks in 2008. He’s a blooming, Minecraft-and-Star-Wars-loving almost-nine-year-old now, but this experience was harrowing and involved. Since my pre-existing conditions are pregnancy and premature labor, and I am guessing I have handed the latter condition down to my boy, I thought I would retell the story. I wrote about it as it happened, and it has been shared on an old blog. Part onePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart Five. At this point, I am moving toward my health insurance portion of the story… It was July 19, 2008, and our boy had been in the NICU since May 29.)

How on earth someone could have a premature baby and either be underinsured or uninsured is beyond me. So far, Finn’s care has cost a total of $237,732.38. That does not include my prenatal care, his actual delivery, or my hospital bills. We are fortunate–our coverage is excellent. So far, the only bill we have received is for the breast pump rental.

We’re half way to half-a-million.


  1. Raucous Indignation says

    I spent nearly $100,000 in a single hour. That was awesome. I did have a $2,000 copay to the head doctor, but I paid that happily and promptly. And then sent him biscuits and tea as a thank you.