Post-Election Messages to our School Kids


Pretty much the only place I have been able to string words together this past week is on Twitter. But my son’s public elementary school community gathered together on the weekend to write messages of love, hope, and inspiration to our students and staff. His school has a high percentage of students of color and kids on reduced and free lunch. They have been expressing fear to our school social worked since last spring that “Donald Trump is going to make all the Black and Brown people leave if he’s president.”

We are busy working hard year-round, advocating for these kids both in his school and in the many other St. Paul schools, which have the same demographics, but that’s behind the scenes, and it involves meeting after meeting, emails, hand-written correspondence, relationship-building, creating strategy, lots of ground work, and did I mention meetings?  We wanted something that will greet them when they arrive at school, so they know that they are safe and they are loved.


  1. Some Old Programmer says

    Our public school system’s superintendent sent out e-mail where he quoted a guidance counselor:

    I spoke to many students yesterday who had varying issues resulting from the election results. Never in my career would I ever imagine that there would be a need to respond to students due to election results in a similar way that I would respond to them as a result of a crisis.