Possible Book Review? Oh, Please…

I’m finally starting to drag myself out of the muck of this past week, and slogging through email is a big part of that. Imagine my thoughts when I ran across this from a bookstore:


Excellent. That’s just what I need this morning. Two rich, white guys telling me the value of saying, “Please.”

“Please, can I have equal pay?”

“Please, can I feel safe in my own county?”

“Please, can you stop lying?”

I suppose I should not judge a book by its cover, just like I am supposed to only be respectful toward everything and anything right now, but I don’t feel like coughing up twelve dollars for something that will most likely just put me even farther over my rage quota. Maybe I’ll see it at the library and bring it home in a brown paper bag.

P.S. An “Instant Classic?” Ugh.


  1. freemage says

    Don’t check it out of the library; that would make it appear to be a desired book, something they consider when deciding which ones to purge–and the sooner it’s purged, the better. Just read it there if you need to, maybe even type up the column before leaving, if you need to reference it or take pictures or something.