F#@* you, Child Protection League

“‘The Target mixed-bathroom policy is not about solving a problem, it is about taking the wrong side in a massive cultural assault on women and girls,’ said Julie Quist, board chair of the Child Protection League. ‘Voyeurism, exhibitionism and stalking are well-known public concerns most commonly directed at women and children.'” (MPR “Target transgender bathroom campaign sparks opposition campaign,” May 16, 2016)

Oh did I mention fuck you?

First of all, stop using children as an excuse for your bigotry.

Second of all, stop pretending you care about girls and women as an excuse for your bigotry.

If my child is out with his transgender grandparent at a store, or anywhere, and she needs to take him to the bathroom, I would very much prefer that she take him with her into the women’s bathroom rather then either sending him into the men’s bathroom alone, at 8-years-old, or going into the men’s restroom with him and risking her safety, making the men there uncomfortable, and probably causing stress to said 8-year-old because no one feels OK. BECAUSE SHE’S A GIRL AND USES THE GIRLS’ BATHROOM WITH OTHER GIRLS, including me. And if I’m OK with my son using the girls’ bathroom with his Gran, and I am fine with using the same bathroom as my transgender parent, you can shut the hell up.

Also, “mixed bathroom”? Seriously, what the crap? Boys use the boys’ bathroom and girls’ use the girls’ bathroom, just like always. And, stop using children, girls, and women as an excuse for your ignorance. Why can’t you just be afraid of spiders or an eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera, like normal people?

If you cared about women, you would have jumped on a women’s issue at sometime, ever. Like paid parental leave, affordable high-quality child care, reproductive and health rights, or, like, I don’t know ACTUAL ASSAULT as opposed to whatever the hell “cultural assault” is (I think it might be Christian Rock, but I’m not sure). Nothing has changed for you. Nothing is different, except you are aware of a group of humans who have always existed. You have been using the bathroom with transgender people all your goddamn life, and you were fine. And to think, you could be using this experience as an opportunity to be less stupid and hateful. And to think further, while our public schools are short on funds and programming, you’re driving your creepy-ass truck all over Minnesota, scaring kids and nauseating adults.

Also, fuck you.


  1. johnson catman says

    Voyeurism, exhibitionism and stalking are well-known public concerns most commonly directed at women and children.

    All things that (I presume) are already illegal and bathroom bills do nothing to address.

    And I agree, fuck you to the CPL.

    • says

      Right? It’s such sanctimonious and hateful floundering in the name of “the CHILDRENz!!!1!” Oh, and of course the women. We really really care about the women.