David Brooks and the Election of Inevitability

When did David Brooks become Dumbledore, explaining the prophecy to Harry Potter?

“This is also a moment for redefined compassion. Trump is loveless. There is no room for reciprocity and love in his worldview. There is just winning or losing, beating or being beaten.

It is as if he was a person who received no love and tried to compensate through competition. That is an ugly, freakish and untenable representation of the human condition. Somehow the Republican Party will have to rediscover a language of loving thy neighbor, which is a primary ideal in our culture, and a primary longing of the heart.”

Love? Really? You, sir, are no Dumbledore. And Trump/Cruz (Crump?) is no Voldemort.

Listen, I know you are losing your shit over the rise of Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz (because let’s be honest, the main difference in these two is choice of profession), but you can’t seriously say you didn’t see this coming? At least Dumbledore admitted to his lack of foresight. The republicans lovingly crafted their horcruxes with forethought and care and data.

(I’ll attempt to slide past the idea that republicans have ever had “a language of loving thy neighbor” because I have stuff to do to day. I’ll let others ponder that little chestnut.)

Image-1The roots of the present situation go back to Reagan and the rhetoric the republicans have been employing since he ran for office (remember “welfare queens” and the I’m-oh-so-clever “nine most terrifying words” statement?). The roots go back to the right’s cynical courting of evangelicals and their co-opting of progressive language to convince (white) people to vote against their economic self-interest in favor of a false morality that they could in no way deliver on.

If you don’t see that, perhaps even you can glimpse it in the spread of ballot measures in presidential years designed to encourage conservative voter turn out so boys can’t marry boys and girl-on-girl action would stay in their fantasies only.

If you can’t see it starting back then, certainly you see it in the beginnings and rise of the Tea Party after the election of Barack Obama, and the rampant racism uncovered by the fact that a black man was elected to the highest office in the land. No? All your present pearl-clutching and hand-wringing while you dab lightly at your moist eyes with the crumpled tissue you pulled out of your handbag notwithstanding, this was bound to happen.

It was practically inevitable that we would be subjected to the spectacle of a narcissist and a sociopath vying for the GOP nomination for the President of the United States. (You choose who is who.) Unfortunately, the spectacle is not just an unsettling and mildly entertaining side show act, it’s an all-too-real GOP prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes, with real-world implications for anyone not at the top of the heap. And only the American voter has the power to destroy these horcruxes because it’s clear the GOP’s lust for power is beyond their control.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    This is very well written. My only comment would be that the roots go back far beyond Reagan. There’s Nixon’s Southern Strategy, for one example.