Christian Nudists.

Did you know there are Christian nudists? Quite a few of them actually. See:

How about that? How lovely a reply to those who want women to be in burkas. How awesome in its support of those who made the photo revolutionary calendar, where the courageous efforts of Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, who posted nude photos of herself to protest sexism in Egypt, are thereby acknowledged and praised. See:

Now it can be revealed. My Helen and I were practicing nudists until her death in 2010. We went on three nude cruises and attended various nudist camps. In these adventures, we encountered several Christian nudists. One memorable event was when we had a cottage next to that of another couple. He was a thoracic surgeon and she was an ordained Presbyterian minister. It is difficult to describe the sensation of dancing, at a group dance, with a female Presbyterian minister who was wearing nothing but sandals, sparkles, and a smile.

We also met a totally naked former nun who had kicked the habit.

There is nothing sexual, by the way, about organized social nudism. This truth can only be understood by experiencing it. And if you have a poor body image, here is the sure way to overcome it. At any nudist gathering, you are going to be treated to visions of fellow nudists whose bodies are in far worse shape than yours. Guaranteed.

Oh, before you get too horrified at the idea of atheists informing the world that they are also nudists, please know that Benjamin Franklin was a nudist. How about that?

Now, here is perhaps an area where atheists and Christians might be able to find some small parcel of common ground.

How about an atheist-Christian clothing optional cruise?

This may be an idea whose time has come.



Edwin Kagin © 2012.


  1. Randomfactor says

    We also met a totally naked former nun who had kicked the habit.

    -1 point.

    (Nudist here too, though confined mostly to beaches.)

  2. baal says

    We also met a totally naked former nun who had kicked the habit.

    +1 I’m fond of really awful puns.

    (I’m not fond of being dressed but I don’t think I could get the wife to go to a camp where everyone is clothes-less.)

    • says

      Oddly, it is usually the man who wants to get the couple into nude recreation and it is the woman who really likes it. BTW, not everyone is clothes-less. That is why such places are called “clothing optional.”

  3. amberboas says

    It’s really cool to see another atheist “come out” so to speak as a nudist. I grew up in a nudist community in Fl, and nudity has always been completely natural to me, as has atheism. It’s pretty neat to see this recent confluence of two issues I care about.

  4. says

    Christians as nudists…doesn’t boggle me in the least.

    I have a friend who belongs to a Christian hunting club. My dental hygienist’s son belongs to a Christian karate dojo.

    I’m sure there’s a Christian-themed whorehouse somewhere, right next to the Christian tavern and the Christian casino.

  5. lordshipmayhem says

    I know more than one Christian naturist, as well as more than one atheist naturist (besides me, that is).

    Want to have some fun? Grab some popcorn and watch a Christian Naturist and a Christian Textile debate each other. It’s like watching two Salvador Dali paintings debate “what is reality”.

  6. says

    There is something metaphorically satisfying and symbiotic about the mutually cohesive concepts of shedding clothes and shedding religion. Not sure what it is, exactly. Maybe the feeling of getting rid of restrictive cultural norms. I’ll bet there is a higher incidence of de-conversions among so called Christian nudists.

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