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Beware the man whose god is in the skies.

                                                                                   -George Bernard Shaw


There is a movement afoot in America to prevent pregnant women from deciding whether or not to have a baby.  The control freaks who advocate this view characterize their beliefs as “pro-life” or “right to life.”  Those who hold that they, and not the woman, should decide whether to let a fertilized egg develop into a living child share a common mythology.  It goes roughly thus:  all life comes from the deity.  The deity gives life, and every zygote is imbued by the creator deity with an “immortal soul” (a concept found nowhere in the Bible).  Microscopic products of conception are perceived to be persons vested by the deity with the right to be born.  The exercise of rational reproductive choice in obtaining an abortion is viewed as the murder of a person.

The mythology is powerful enough that its advocates think they can ignore the laws of nations and impose their will on those who disagree.  Basically, they have initiated a holy war–us against them, good verses evil, we are right and you are wrong–the same primitive absolutism and lust for power over others that produced the Crusades.  Moralists have declared war on reason.  With aborted fetuses enblasoned on their shields and chastity belts secured, the armies of God, like ancient pestilence, are marching to stop       forbidden sex and to ensure all products of ill advised copulation be born.  The births proclaim the truth that the only reason sex is lawful at all is to make God’s babies.

According to the theocratic understanding of biology of the anti-choice movement, at the moment the sperm penetrates the egg, the mythical “soul” is placed in the zygote, presumably whether it is in a uterus or a petri dish.  That which God has infused with soul may not be removed by the mere mortal choice of not wanting a baby.  This notion of a soul inhabiting a collection of cells that may, barring accident, abortion, or whatever, become a child is rather new in mythological thought and bears analysis.

There must be a soul bank somewhere for the almighty to draw from to implant the soul moments after male orgasm (female orgasm is unnecessary for this or any other reproductive function, and is therefore discouraged), or the heavenly power must create new souls in a soul shop for all of the fertilizations.  This would cause the creator to work after midnight most Friday and Saturday nights and thus violate the day of rest established by God for the Sabbath.  Even a large soul bank would need replenishing, because surely no rational God would have planned for sufficient souls to overrun the resources of his creation like maggots on a dead possum.  And people do die, and new souls are needed.  The anti-choice forces reject the idea of recycling the souls through reincarnation.  It is really quite confusing, until, upon reflection, the answer becomes clear:  the anti-abortion movement is a tool of Satan.


Consider that Satan wants to create as much chaos on Earth among humans as possible, to make people unhappy and to grab souls for himself.  The Satanic solution is to prohibit abortion.  Force the heavenly powers to work sabbaths and all to crank out souls for  crack babies and AIDS babies, incest and rape conceptions, souls for babies who aren’t wanted, aren’t cared for, aren’t educated, babies who can create crime, war, disease, poverty, famine and all of the evil and sin Satan needs to destroy the beauty of the Earth and shatter human aspirations for peace, love, and contentment.  As further proof, remember that an innocent soul not tempted to sin goes directly to his creator God (perhaps after a period of dry cleaning), a better place than prison, hospital, or hell.  A soul aborted is a soul lost to Satan, but one unwanted and forced to be born can produce unspeakable evil, to do glory to Satan and mock a caring, benevolent God.

This mythical interpretation is obviously correct.  Consider that all of the Satanic anti-choice fetus people prayed that an American president not be elected who believed a woman has a right to reproductive freedom.  They abraded their knees and polished their prayer beads to beseech God to elect a bigot president.  The very heavens rang with the noise of their prayers and rantings.  God either did not listen, or disagreed with their position.  Their candidates were defeated, and pro-choice was affirmed as the law of the land.   Never has the will of God been so clearly seen.  God saw through Satan’s motives and rejected the prayers of those who would let Satan get his paws on God’s little souls.

Totally undaunted by this most obvious expression of the divine will, the unwitting forces of darkness have increased their efforts to control those who disagree with them.   Indifferent to the laws of God and man, and the rules of basic humanity and courtesy, they have engaged in a reign of terror against doctors, facilities, and personnel dedicated to following the law and assisting women who don’t want a conception to become a child.  The tactics have included bombings, threats, harassment, intimidation, assaults, and now, finally and predictable, cold blooded murder.  A gently healer was shot in the back by one of Satan’s converts who wanted to stop the doctor from helping women.  The murderer’s fellow travelers have raised funds for him and have implied, and sometimes stated, that the murder was morally correct.  There was despair in heaven and rejoicing in hell.  Satan had succeeded in making evil appear to be good.

But God is not mocked.  He who sits in the heavens will laugh them to scorn.  Satan’s siege against dignity and humanity will be long, but reason will prevail.  If it does not, these demonically possessed people will kill everyone who disagrees with them on abortion, and then turn their efforts to those who believe in evolution, who read forbidden books, to all of those who do not want to be ruled by evil people purporting to speak for God.

Defend our constitution.  Speak out against wrong misguided mythology.  You must.  For your own safety’s sake.

Don’t tell them about the I.U.D.  It has been sluffing fertilized eggs for years, and has thus far escaped their notice.


Edwin F. Kagin (c)



  1. Retired Prodigy Bill says

    Living in Mississippi, we got a full dose of the evil “personhood” kaka, and while they don’t like to talk about the IUD because they know it makes them look insane, they know and disapprove.

  2. Gwenfrewi says

    Don’t tell them about the I.U.D. It has been sluffing fertilized eggs for years, and has thus far escaped their notice.

    Actually, no. It is well-known that the IUD allows conception but prevents implantation. As does the morning-after pill.

  3. Nick says

    I know the writer is being sarcastic here but as a religious person (pro-choice & Catholic) I actually believe that he is 100% correct. I know of no religious movements (except violent cults, radical Islam, and Christian zionists) that advocates more evil & ‘ungodly’ behavior than the pro-life movement. If 19th century Christians were told that the focus of organized Christianity today would be to force unmarried girls to have children out of wedlock, & convince rape victims that God wants them to have their rapist’s children (& mix their genes or ‘blood’, as 19th c people would probably phrase it, with their rapist’s into the next generation), they would be horrified. But this is the rhetoric I hear from both the Catholic Church and evangelical christianity. Both are guilty of trying to create hell on earth.


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