Grandfathered In: One of the most influential computer games turns 45 (or 50)

In December, I posted about the demise of Creative Computing in December 1985.  And in the item, I said I found that out while researching something else.

Well, here it is.

In January 1976, Creative Computing published code for the computer game Chase, or Robots as it’s sometimes known.  It was not a new game at that point.  Its creator is unknown, but the game dates as far back as 1971 or even 1970, making it fifty years old.

In Chase, you are a human being chased by robots that are trying to kill you.  Why are they trying to kill you?  Be. . .because they are, that’s why!  You can move in eight cardinal directions or (if you have any available) teleport to another location.  And with each move, the robots will move ever closer towards you.  In the screen capture of the version I play on Ubuntu (seen above), you have two teleport options if they get too close: randomly (which may get you killed, but unlimited use) or safe teleport (up to ten per level).

Your goal is to kill all the robots on each level, either by luring them to crash into each other or into piles of broken robots.  If you are strategic, you can use collisions to create walls and safe spaces.  If you feel you are in a safe place (see image above, bottom left), you can hit “last stand” (or “wait for robots”) and the remaining robots will charge at you.  For every robot destroyed via “last stand”, you gain one safe teleport, up to a maximum of ten.  This is the only way to earn them.

Chase is a simple but fun game, one of those programs people learn when they start out programming because it teaches array handling, keyboard inputs, modding, and other important skills.

As it turns out, Chase may be the most influential computer game in history.  It has three distinct family trees of descendants with more than a hundred games resulting from it.

Below the fold is the first of the three family trees.  Two more posts will come soon.

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You Screw Up: What happens when you make celebrities into politicians

The US knows full well what I’m talking about, but I’m not referring to the US.  This is about Canada, where the Governor General Julie Payette (a former astronaut) has resigned in disgrace.  There has never been a situation like this in over 150 years.

The Governor General is the “liaison” between the prime minister and the crown in England.  It’s not just a ceremonial position, the GG has actual powers which include forming and dissolving parliament.  In the case of a non-confidence vote (the opposition parties collectively vote out the ruling party) the GG can either call a new election or ask the second largest party to form a coalition government.  And with Trudeau’s liberals being a minority government mired in the likely worst political scandal since Fred Rose, both are real possibilities.

From the Canadian government’s own website, a list of some of the GG’s duties:

Constitutional Duties

Canada is a constitutional monarchy, where the duties of head of State and head of government are distinct. The governor general exercises the powers and responsibilities of the Head of State, Her Majesty The Queen. As such, the governor general is non-partisan and apolitical.

As The Queen’s representative in Canada, the governor general has a number of responsibilities, one of the most important being to ensure that Canada always has a prime minister and a government in place that has the confidence of Parliament. The governor general’s other constitutional duties include:

  • swearing into office the prime minister, Cabinet ministers and the chief justice of Canada;
  • summoning, proroguing and dissolving Parliament;
  • delivering the Speech from the Throne;
  • granting Royal Assent to acts of Parliament;
  • appointing members of the Privy Council, lieutenant governors and certain judges, on the advice of the prime minister; and
  • signing into effect official documents, such as orders-in-council.

Dustbin Trudeau nominated Payette for the GG position based on her fame, instead of taking recommendations from experienced civil servants.  He needs to take personal responsibility, but glory hound that he is, I bet he’ll try to blame “poor advice from others”.

Payette stepping down as governor general after blistering report on Rideau Hall work environment

Gov.-Gen. Julie Payette and her secretary, Assunta di Lorenzo, are resigning after an outside workplace review of Rideau Hall found that the pair presided over a toxic work environment.

Last year, an independent consulting firm was hired by the Privy Council Office (PCO) to review reports that Payette was responsible for workplace harassment at Rideau Hall.

Sources who were briefed on the consulting firm’s report told CBC News that its conclusions were damning.

[. . .]

In a media statement announcing her departure, Payette apologized for what she called the “tensions” at Rideau Hall in recent months, saying that everyone has “a right to a healthy and safe work environment.”

“Tensions”?   The only tensions were the ones she created.  Her pathetic resignation statement is a classic not-pology of a narcissist, refusing to take any responsibility for her own actions, blaming and inferring that others were at fault.  Her resignation is the bare minimum.

Dustbin Trudeau’s resignation should quickly follow.  He is a disgrace.

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How Quickly They Forget: Alberta’s rightwingnuts can’t keep track of their racist members

Alberta’s “United Conservative Party” is trying to kick out Derek Sloan, a member of its government, after it was revealed  he received a political donation from a known white supremacist.  Sloan is arguing in his defence that he “received 13,000 donations” and couldn’t keep track of every single donor.

Sloan has also made it known that the another white supremacist voted in the last UCP leadership contest, and that the voter has not been removed from the party.

And the UCP leadership knows he’s still a party member.

Remember, Alberta, you could have kept the NDP in power and handled COVID-19 properly without corruption, incompetence and racism.  Now you have the second worst number of cases per capita.


What do I mean by incompetence?  UCP “leader” Jason Kenny is whining because Biden cancelled the Keystone oil pipeline.   Kenney wasted taxpayers’ money on the deal despite knowing it was bad for the environment and economy.

Alberta premier calls for compensation amid cancellation of Keystone XL

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is asking the prime minister to press the United States Administration for compensation amid the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline project.

Within hours of being sworn in on Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order revoking the Keystone XL permit.

The move drew quick criticism from the premiers of Alberta and Saskatchewan, whose energy sectors were depending on the US$8 billion project.

Last spring, the Alberta government invested about US$1.1 billion (C$1.5 billion) in the project. Kenney has said the province has about $1 billion at risk if the project is killed.

Violent White Males Act Out Again

In any week of the year, even during the last twelve months, you can find news story after news story after news story about violent males, especially violent white males, threatening and committing violence against women.  When they don’t get the response they “think” they’re entitled to, they “think” they’re entitled to take revenge.  Many times, with a gun.

So why is it different now?  Because in the past, it’s only been incels on the street.  Now it’s republican incels in the US government who “think” it’s okay to threaten women with guns.

Michigan official shows gun after public meeting criticism

A county official in northern Michigan displayed a rifle during an online meeting in response to a citizen’s comments about a far-right extremist group, drawing outrage from some local residents.

Ron Clous, an elected member of the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners, was at home during the livestreamed meeting Wednesday, the Traverse City Record-Eagle reported.

During a public comment period, a local woman, Kelli MacIntash, criticized the board for allowing self-described members of the Proud Boys to speak at a commission meeting last year and urged commission Chairman Rob Hentschel to denounce them. The neo-fascist group is known for engaging in violent clashes at political rallies and some of its members took part in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

At that point, Clous stepped away from his webcam and returned with a rifle. MacIntosh told the Record-Eagle she felt threatened.

“This guy is in the middle of a government meeting brandishing a weapon,” MacIntosh said. “Why would I not think they were trying to harm me?”

MacIntosh, 74, told The Associated Press on Thursday that she planned to file a report with the Michigan State Police.

“I didn’t think he was going to shoot me, obviously, but I do think his whole point was to intimidate me and threaten me and anyone else who’s going to speak out … and see if he can stir up masses of people who are just looking for things to fight about,” she said.

Maryland house rep Andy Harris tried to enter the capitol with a gun.  He is clearly someone who should not be allowed to own a gun.

Funny how those who most loudly spewed “back the blue” are the ones yelling most loudly in defiance of cops trying to stop illegal guns from entering buildings.  Now the call the cops “traitors” in a display of peak white privilege.


Let’s Remember: Hank Aaron, 1934-2021

Hank Aaron has died age 86 (born February 5, 1934; died January 22, 2021) of natural causes, in his sleep.  He played from the time of “integration” (read: end of segregation) and was a class act, beginning to end.  Even when he broke Babe Ruth’s home run record and was showered with abuse, threats, and racism, he never lost or compromised his dignity.

The most amazing thing about Aaron’s 755 home runs was his consistency.  Between 1955 and 1974 when Aaron broke the record, over twenty consecutive seasons, he hit at least 20 home runs.  His single season career high was 47, and he hit 40 or more only eight times.  He is also the all time RBI leader, passing Babe Ruth in the 1975 season.

Hank Aaron’s MLB career statistics, Baseball Reference

I would like to include obituaries on Aaron from the media, but unfortunately all of them call him the “former home run career leader”.  I refuse to recognize Barroid the Steroid Bonds as the record holder.  (How ridiculous are Bonds’s fans?  I was a called a “racist” on one forum for saying Aaron still holds the record.)

Now maybe the Atlanta MLB team will stop dragging their racist heels and change the team nickname to the Hammers.

Face Off: How many have you collected?

Remember a few years ago when Pokemon was all the rage, everyone walking around streets with app, trying to “catch” rare pokemons and almost getting killed as they crossed the street without looking?

I never played it, I didn’t see the point.

Now I am collecting, except it’s medical masks and not Pokemons. But I still need the snowmen, pandas, pigs, and other colours and designs I’ve seen.  Bonus: entering stores to look isn’t dangerous.

Gotta mask ’em all!

Day One Matters: Two POVs on Biden’s executive orders

Who’s POVs?  Mine, of course.  And Beau of the Fifth Column.

First, BotFC:

He points out that many of Biden’s dictums are sensible, inarguable, and should have been there already: mask mandates, eviction moratorium and student loan payments, the WHO, the Directorate of Health and Biosecurity, cancelling the 1776 KKK propaganda project, etc.  The changes to policy and positions were all expected.  The only surprise is the depths of the damage Cheetolini actually did.

At 2:40, he says, “Biden is looking for recommendations on how to achieve equity in policy making at the federal level and root out systemic racism”.  There are plenty of people (e.g. Black Lives Matter) who know what’s best and what needs to be changed (e.g. consequences for cops and NO “qualified immunity”).  The question is, will they be heard and their ideas implemented?

4:00 – “Changing policy” isn’t enough.  Abolishing ICE and the concentration camps is barely a start.  The gestapo who ran them need to be put on trial.

At 5:10, “The civil rights act is now to be interpreted by federal agencies to include prohibiting workplace discrimination based on orientation and identity.  That’s going to have immediate tangible effects.”  Yes, it will have effects, but ONLY in workplaces.  It won’t prevent evictions, denial of medical care, or denial of assistance (based on religious bigotry) that Transgender and other people still face.

At 6:45, BotFC asks why Biden did this all at once, why not space this out over three weeks?  He argues that this is a concession (read: fear) of the most progressive supporters.  As he asks at 7:45, “Which of these would you do first?  That’s it. By my way of thinking, that’s the reason he did it this way.  Because whichever one you do first, you’re going to have to justify what that one is more important than the one you’re going to do the next day, knowing that all of them are going to be done in the next three weeks.”

This addresses what I call this the “wait your turn” mentality, which has been nothing but poisonous in the past.  White feminists asked Black women for their support, then stabbed them in the back when white women got what they wanted.  Gays and lesbians asked Bisexuals, Transgender people and others for their support, then stabbed them in the back when the cis got what they wanted.

The minority groups of today know that everybody’s rights need protecting and promoting at the same time, and not have unprotected people carved into smaller and smaller minorities which face greater and greater oppression.  If “all lives matter” were a genuine statement, this is what it would mean.  All human rights and all issues need to be addressed at the same time.  Yes, there is enough space, time, money and people to do all of it.

BotFC also says at 8:25 that there are some he expected but didn’t see.  I’m expecting the space farce to be cancelled.  What “threat” is there to justify its existence?  NASA and the ESA are sufficient.  And if there was anything about Planned Parenthood funding or women’s health care and right to abortion, BotFC didn’t mention it.  And I hope BotFC is right, that there will be more to come.

Second, mine:

In the “state of the union”, Biden blathered about “unity”, but I suspect he knows that unanimity is more important.  And the only way to get that from the general public is to make their lives better immediately and over the next year.  When those who backed Cheetolini realize just how bad his decisions were, how much damage could have been prevented, they may just change their tune.  The stimulus cheques, the mask mandate, vaccine rollout and other decisions will have an effect within six months.   And when they do, it will be very hard for the republicans to take credit or MAGAmaniacs to criticize.

I also suspect Biden knows he’s a one term president – not because he couldn’t be re-elected, but because at 78 he knows he likely won’t survive four years.  As VP for eight, he knows first hand the stress of the job and that he will probably die in office.  He wants to build and cement a legacy quickly, one that will be remembered (he does have an ego, after all).   This will include a massive senate majority in 2022 almost a certainty and making Harris easily re-electable in 2024 (he is a political animal, after all).

Clinton has been  referred to as the “rock and roll” president, Bush the “C student” president, and Obama the Black president.  I suspect Biden knows he needs to be the Intersectional president.  As BotFC noted, many of the executive orders are related to human rights.  I suspect that Black Lives Matter, First Nations people (re: the cancelled oil pipeline), LGBTQIA people (especially Transgender people and our allies) and others won’t be satisfied with Biden winning.  They all now expect things to be done, and will be working together to push Biden to do it.

Cheetolini should go down in history as the “bottomless pit” president for his never ending depths of depravity and inhumanity.  He wasn’t the first racist, rapist, fascist or thief, but he was all things and more to all the bottom feeders.

Command And Control: Only the rank and vile, but never the leaders

I’m sure you’ve heard that twelve national guard members were removed from the inauguration event.  Those whose backgrounds suggested any involvement in white supremacy or other extreme right wing movements were removed without any evaluation.  With thousands of NG available, they didn’t waste time deciding each individual’s likelihood of being a threat, they simply removed them because they were easily replaced.  And doing so likely wouldn’t harm the white trashes’ “careers”.

But that only applies to the low level grunts who carry guns and follow orders with swastikas tattooed on their arms.  When it’s “senior leaders” with a swastika engraved on their brass, it’s apparent that different rules apply.

The Washington Post reports that Charles Flynn – brother of fascist conspirator Michael Flynn – was in the room at the pentagon when the decision was made not to send the national guard to the capitol.  And the pentagon lied about it, claiming he wasn’t there.

There’s no word yet if it was his decision alone, he influenced it by speaking, or others were involved, but there is a clear conflict of interest.  It should have never been allowed to happen.

Army falsely denied Flynn’s brother was involved in key part of military response to Capitol riot

Lt. Gen. Charles A. Flynn is the Army’s deputy chief of staff for operations, plans and training.

By Dan Lamothe, Paul Sonne, Carol D. Leonnig and Aaron C. Davis

Jan. 21, 2021 at 11:42 a.m. GMT+8

The Army falsely denied for days that Lt. Gen. Charles A. Flynn, the brother of disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn, was involved in a key meeting during its heavily scrutinized response to the deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol.

Charles Flynn confirmed in a statement issued to The Washington Post on Wednesday that he was in the room for a tense Jan. 6 phone call during which the Capitol Police and D.C. officials pleaded with the Pentagon to dispatch the National Guard urgently, but top Army officials expressed concern about having the Guard at the Capitol.

Translation: Michael Flynn knew he had inside help to overthrow the government.  And nothing was done to prevent this.

When Michael Flynn was directly involved in Cheetolini’s crimes, every warning light should have flashed red around Charles Flynn.  He should have been put on leave until after the inauguration.  Rampant nepotism and cronyism has been the norm amongst the US government for decades – Bush, McCain, Trump, many others.  It is farcical for anyone to give Charles Flynn a pass when he had direct power to influence or participate in the insurrection and coup d’etat, something the twelve national guard members were barely capable of.

Refusing to mobilized the national guard was participation in the coup d’etat.

Those who allowed Charles Flynn to keep his post during December and January should be held accountable.  But of course they won’t, because corrupt power protects corrupt power.


From CNN:

Army now acknowledges the brother of Michael Flynn was a part of Army response to Capitol riot

The Army is now acknowledging that Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, the brother of President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, was in the room for one of the key January 6 phone calls in which DC government and US Capitol Police were asking for National Guard troops to quell the unfolding violence at the US Capitol.

The decision-making has come under scrutiny as city and Capitol Police officials have alleged that the Pentagon was slow to respond, while the Pentagon and Army maintain they never denied or delayed requests for the National Guard.

In official timelines released by the Department of Defense in the wake of the riot, Charles Flynn, the deputy chief of staff of the Army, was not listed as participating in any of the calls that day about mobilizing the National Guard to respond to the riot.

The Washington Post was the first to report Flynn’s participation in the call.

“I entered the room after the call began and departed prior to the call ending, as I believed a decision was imminent from (then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy) and I needed to be in my office to assist in executing the decision,” Flynn said in a statement released to CNN. There was no clear answer about how long Flynn was on the call or whether he contributed to the conversation.

The Washington Post reports that the Army “falsely denied for days that Lt. Gen. Charles A. Flynn” was involved in the key meetings. One of the officials who was on the call told CNN in the days following the insurrection at the Capitol that Flynn was not on the calls, but the military did not confirm his participation until Wednesday.

There is no indication that Charles Flynn agrees with his brother, who was a vocal adherent of disputing President Joe Biden’s victory on behalf of the former president.

IDGAF whether he does or doesn’t share the same fascist POV (read: he almost certainly does), he should never have been in the position to have influence.

There is no such thing as “an appearance of impropriety” because it always is impropriety. Those involved know how it looks. If they didn’t have ill intent, they would have removed themselves from the situation.

Timing Is Everything: Will Taiwan see a partial lockdown at Chinese New Year?

A month ago, several pilots and crew of Eva Airlines violated quarantine and potentially spread COVID-19, as some of them had tested positive.  One of them knowingly travelled while positive.  Since then, there has been an outbreak at Taoyuan General Hospital, with several doctors and nurses affected.  It is the largest and main hospital in the city of Taoyuan, about thirty minutes from Taipei by car or rail.

Then today the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced two employees at a fast food restaurant in Taoyuan had tested positive.  While they were the only two employees in the place, it is located in station for trains and subways, with hundreds passing though and dozens of customers.  The government has done an excellent job of track and trace via cellphones (*), it only requires casual contact for transmission to occur.  (* Obtaining a cellphone SIM card in Taiwan requires photo and name ID, so all active cell phones and people carrying them are easily identified.)  The number of cases has begun to climb again, nearly all the new ones from local transmissions in the last four weeks.

CECC reports four more Taoyuan cases

VIGILANCE: While two of the cases are family members of a nurse, there is no sign of community spread and the source of infection is identifiable, the CECC said

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) yesterday reported four new domestic COVID-19 cases associated with a cluster infection at a Taoyuan hospital.

Since the first case was identified on Tuesday last week, five healthcare workers — two doctors and three nurses — at the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Taoyuan General Hospital have tested positive for the virus.

Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung (陳時中), who heads the center, said that two of the four new cases are the husband and daughter of a nurse (case No. 863) who had earlier been confirmed to have COVID-19.

The doctor and nurse who unknowingly spread COVID-19 visited the fast food restaurant in question.

COVID-19 cases went to traditional market, burger shop: CECC

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said Tuesday that of the new COVID-19 cases, one had visited a traditional market in Taoyuan, while another works at a Mos Burger outlet in the same city.

The two cases were both confirmed to have COVID-19 on Tuesday and are the husband and daughter of a nurse who works at Taoyuan General Hospital who tested positive for the disease a day earlier.

The husband and his wife went to Nanmen market in Taoyuan on Jan. 13 from 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m., and again on Jan. 16 from 11:40 a.m.-12:35 p.m, said Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung (陳時中), who heads the CECC.

[. . .]

All of the locations listed have been disinfected, according to the CECC.

The Chinese New Year holiday runs from February 10th to February 16th (Wednesday to Tuesday).  This is personal speculation only, but if the spread gets out of hand by the end of the month, the timing would be perfect for the island to have a two week lockdown, from February 6th to 21st.  The month long winter vacation for schools begins next monday, so children would be at home anyway.  I’m not assuming that it will happen, but I won’t be shocked if it does.


Horror Shows: “The Sadness” is a zombie movie with a point

“The Sadness” is a new zombie movie being released this Friday in Taiwan.  I can’t watch movies so I won’t see it until it’s available for download, but it has such an interesting and topical message that I want to see it.

It’s similar to “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later” in that those infected with a virus are still human and not actually dead.  But it goes one further: They retain their intelligence.

It’s also similar to the description of Grunts in iD software’s 1995 game, “Quake”:

Grunt: Goons with probes inserted into their pleasure centers; wired up so when they kill someone, they get paroxysms of ecstasy. In essence, customized serial killers.

Quoting the tag line from the trailer below: “What is the most terrible thing you can think of?  Why not do it?”  

The infected no longer care about others, only about themselves and their most base desires.  It sounds very much like anti-maskers blathering about “freedumb!” and they don’t care if they infect and kill other people.  That’s unnervingly comparable to today’s social and political world.

Taiwan-made zombie movie creeps into theaters Friday

A Taiwanese horror film featuring a new type of sentient “infected person” hits theaters in the country on Friday (Jan. 22).

The film, titled “The Sadness” (哭悲), is produced by Machi Xcelsior Studios (麻吉砥加電影有限公司) and features plentiful gory makeup by IF SFX Art Maker (覺藝工作室). The story is about an outbreak of a new virus that causes humans to transform into horrifying, bloodthirsty mutants that can think and speak.

Here’s a link to the second trailer.

Zucced Again: Fascistbook’s hypocrisy is getting worse

It’s clear that the only reason fascistbook dumped Cheetolini was because the coup d’etat failed, not because Cheetolini’s words and actions were inappropriate.

It’s common knowledge that innocuous phrases such as white trash and fake goth are quickly censored (*), but many users reports phrases like white men, white males, and even yt or men are now being deleted and users receiving suspensions.  Meanwhile rape threats continue without punishment, as do hate speech and slurs against Black people, People of Colour and LGBTQIA people.  Tag groups are being silenced while cops and other undesirables have groups that spread racism, hate and incite violence without punishment.  The racism and hypocrisy aren’t even hidden anymore.

(* Yes, only governments can censor.  But when corporations are doing it at the behest of, to please, and under pressure from governments, it’s still censorship.)

A humour group I’m in regularly used the British and Australian term seppo (rhyming slang for americans: yank ~ septic tank), until censorship recently began, posts getting “zucced”.  I’m starting to wonder if my own preferred term of derision for unpleasant americans – yanqui – will start being censored.  Some people speculate there’s a crackdown in advance of the inauguration, but I suspect it will continue afterwards.

Facebook Groups Say They Were Censored Just for Using the Word ‘Men’

Tag group admins claim that anything even remotely negative about men gets automatically flagged or taken down. The same doesn’t seem to apply to posts disparaging or even threatening women.

If you spend a decent amount of time on the Internet, it’s hard not to come across Facebook tag groups. Tag groups are Facebook groups with seemingly bizarre names, such as “This post is so relatable I’m going to show it to my therapist”, or “sounds stoned and wholesome but okay”. These group names sound like comments so they can be tagged in the comment sections of relevant posts.

But while they may seem to be all fun and games, over the years, tag groups have emerged as a space for people to have open and safe dialogue about the issues we face as a society. Many tag groups are dedicated to discussing everyday injustices in the patriarchal world that we live in, including mansplaining, emotional abuse, and manipulation of the other genders by men. And with its unevenly enforced hate speech policies, Facebook seems to be cracking down on that. 

[. . .]

It was in 2019 that Facebook groups first started going private or even secret (where one could only join by invitation), for fear of being reported, or “zucced” for their content. “Zuccing” is when a Facebook group is invaded by bad actors who post porn or other content banned by Facebook, report that content, and, in turn, get the group deleted.

“I would get notifications from Facebook itself saying a post or member comment has been deleted,” says Ashley Brooks*, admin of another group that calls out cisgender men’s practice of taking up space in discourse around issues that aren’t about them. “We can’t always see what it is, only sometimes. It gets very frustrating, especially when the post is not problematic at all and members get upset thinking we are the ones censoring them.”

While the censored comments and posts reported on groups like the ones Davis and Brooks run were vastly different in their content and context, one thing was in common: They all made references to men.

There seems to be a high level of emotional insecurity by white males at fascistbook – so high that they seem intent on harassing and forcing out all employees who aren’t white.  Except the dollar-per-day people in developing countries paid to sift through porn and snuff films, of course.


Miscellaneous Stuff: Humour me

Just a mish-mash of recent things….

People don’t like my bad puns?  Okay, here’s one more, my response to a screen capture posted in a feminist group:

He read it in the Book of Fallopians.



The quoted text below actually appears in a published scientific paper (page 3 of the PDF), from McGill University’s medical school.

Hormone replacement therapy has many nicknames among transfeminine people, including titty pills, titty skittles, smartitties, chicklets, anticistamines, mammary mints, life savers, tit tacs, breast mints, femme&m’s, antiboyotics, trans-mission fluid, and the Notorious H.R.T.

More below the fold.

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Face Off: Has anti-masker nonsense infected Taiwan, too?

Normally I would never repost anything from Taiwan News because it’s fourth rate journalism.  But the video speaks for itself, so this one passes as verified.

On the weekend, a foreigner boarded a regular passenger train from New Taipei City (the metro area, not Taipei itself) to Taichung, Taiwan’s second largest city.  Taipei (north city), Taichung (middle city) and Tainan (south city) are three of the four largest cities in Taiwan.  She claimed the mask “made her cough” and pretended not to understand Mandarin when confronted by the train’s staff – after arguing with other passengers in the language.  That’s never a good look.

What’s really astounding about the video is the calmness of the other passengers, the Train Master and other people involved.  This has been the case elsewhere, even as passengers became violent towards the staff and security on various public transports.

Masks have been mandatory on all public and commercial transit in Taiwan (taxis, buses, trains, subway, etc.) since the beginning of April 2020, with a fine of NT$15000 (US$536) and refusal of service for noncompliance.  Most people entering Taiwan in the past year have been returning citizens.  Very few foreigners have been allowed in since March, all either Asian contract labourers, business people with short term visas, or diplomatic staff.  No tourists visas have been issued since immigration was closed on March 17, 2020.  She almost certainly has been here since at least March and knows that masks are required.  And since she speaks the language, she’s obviously been here some length of time or studied it.

Video shows foreign woman lash out when asked to wear mask on Taiwan train

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video surfaced on Sunday (Jan. 17) showing a foreign national shout at passengers, conductors, and police when asked to wear a face mask and apply it properly, because she claimed masks make her cough.

On Sunday, a foreign woman was seen riding a Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) train bound for Taichung without a mask. When she was asked to wear a mask, she allegedly cursed fellow passengers, made obscene hand gestures, and refused to cooperate with conductors and police officers.

A member of the Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆料公社), Rex Huang, on Sunday wrote an account of the incident and included photos and videos demonstrating the woman’s behavior while on the train. Huang said that while riding a TRA train on Sunday from New Taipei City’s Banqiao District to Taoyuan’s Zhongli District, he overheard a foreign woman sitting behind him suddenly starting to yell and shout the expletive “f***!”

When he turned around to see what the commotion was about, he saw that a Taiwanese woman was asking a foreign woman to wear her mask, but she refused and cursed at her. When Huang tried to reason with the woman, he alleges that she flipped him off.

When a conductor came to try to deal with the situation, the woman pretended not to be able to speak Mandarin and claimed in English that wearing the mask causes her to cough and refused to wear it. In the first video of the confrontation, she can be seen placing the mask on her face but leaving it hanging beneath her nose, prompting passengers to request her to wear it properly.

I won’t speculate on her mental state nor make commentary about her situation.  But there are no “freedumb” exceptions to wearing masks as some in the US and other countries have argued for.  If you refuse to wear a mask in Taiwan, you can be removed from the vehicle and refused service.  It’s not negotiable.  There’s no information on what happened next, but either she would have to obey to use the train or bus again, or pay through the nose for a taxi willing to take her city to city.

My biggest annoyance with masks on transit is my glasses fogging up.  Oh, it’s such a hardship to put my glasses in my pocket while I’m riding the bus to work. 9_9

True story, personal experience:

A few years ago, I went to do my annual health check which is required for foreigners with work visas.  While there a 20-something male asked me about the form people must fill in:

“It says we have to be vaccinated or get booster shots.  That’s not mandatory, is it?”

After rolling my eyes, I said, “No, it’s not mandatory.  You can always go back to the airport and leave Taiwan.”

He didn’t like my answer, but since it was inside a hospital, he didn’t say much.  I don’t know whether he caved and got a “vaccine injury” or left Taiwan, but I do know he didn’t have the third option he wanted.


Pride Goeth In The Fall: Part 1, from Taipei

I never got around to posting my pictures from Taipei’s pride parade on October 28th.  The estimated attendance was around 130,000.  That’s down from nearly 200,000 last year, but a lot of that is due to COVID-19 preventing international travel.  Some people from across Asia travel here because they can’t have parades in their own countries (e.g. Indonesia, Malaysia), others simply because it’s larger than their own at home (e.g. Thailand, South Korea, Japan, etc.).

This isn’t the lot, just what I thought were the best.  Parts 2 and 3 from Taichung and Kaohsiung will come soon.  Also included are some of my Hallowe’en pics from work, where I still have to work “male”.  In past years it was Saturday night only, but this year it was two days of it, Thursday and Friday afternoons, leaving Saturday free for parties and the pride parade.

First, a pic with a friend.  I went dressed as a purple fox this year, complete with a tail attached to my clothes.  No, I’m not going to show that to you.

There’s more of me at the bottom from work, not the parade.  I don’t know how many pics are too many and will overload FtB’s bandwidth.  If there’s a limit, let me know.


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