Officially Divorced

At 10:10 AM CST, the honorable judge in the county of Dakota, Minnesota, ended my 17-year marriage. I am now officially divorced.

I cheered. It was the best moment of my life, by far. Well…not the best moment. I shared some amazing ones with my ex, but marriage had always been a struggle, and I was completely and utterly miserable throughout, something I didn’t realize until the waning years. The utter peace and relaxation that I now have, after being away from her for over a year, is revealing.

The last few days, my body has decided that I needed to detox from the stress of the divorce process. I ended up sleeping away the entire day on Sunday.

Here’s to new heights and new beginnings.

Nearly Divorced

The decree is signed and before a judge. He has promised to sign it next week.

Thus ends over a year of absolute hell. I have become a new person, through this journey, and am much happier now than I have been in the last 18 years. Funny how perspective changes when you’re finally alone and see your past life from the outside.

I will be writing again, as everything calms down and my routine comes into view. I won’t be saying much about the specifics of the woman I divorced, though, because I want her to succeed in life, as the mother of my six children, and my lover for 18 years. I loved that woman with everything I knew about love, which I now consider to be a faulty understanding.

I won’t even pretend to know what love is, but I now know what it isn’t.

Love you all. Thanks for reading and having the patience of a sloth who just found a pool of perpetually warm mud.

I. C.