I Took a Long Drive Instead – And Didn’t Regret It

Last night, I posted that I would be heading out for a night hike. The minute I stepped out the door, I knew I had made a bad choice. But, since my life is chock full of bad choices, I wasn’t about to turn back.

The snow was coming down hard. The roads were slick. I got on the highway and watched as cars in front of me spun out in 360’s, the traffic desperately trying to avoid them as they headed toward the ditch. Cars flew past me. I drove about 40 miles per hour the entire time, completely content to live and live well.

As I drove, I listened to Minnesota Public Radio and got to hear the fascinating interview with Ann Kim, the entrepreneurial owner of three pizza joints here in the Twin Cities. She is not only supremely successful, but has an excellent command of that type of humor where you know you’re going to get a laugh, but you feign comedic innocence, which only serves to get an even bigger laugh.

Take a listen…you won’t be disappointed.

Oh…and I simply drove for three hours.

It’s been almost six months

Short version: I’m getting a divorce.

Now, for all the lurkers who read my blog to get the skinny on my life, have at it. Now you know. For everyone else, I won’t be providing much detail about the proceedings of the divorce for several reasons.

First and foremost, this blog is public. Second and most importantly, I absolutely and unequivocally love and adore the woman I am divorcing. The divorce is a mutual decision. We will both be much happier apart than together. My greatest concerns are also two-fold – that my kids are strong, safe,  and happy, and that the woman that has defined my life for the last 17 years flourishes and becomes better and more successful than I could ever dream of becoming.

Now…onward to more writings…