I Took a Long Drive Instead – And Didn’t Regret It

Last night, I posted that I would be heading out for a night hike. The minute I stepped out the door, I knew I had made a bad choice. But, since my life is chock full of bad choices, I wasn’t about to turn back.

The snow was coming down hard. The roads were slick. I got on the highway and watched as cars in front of me spun out in 360’s, the traffic desperately trying to avoid them as they headed toward the ditch. Cars flew past me. I drove about 40 miles per hour the entire time, completely content to live and live well.

As I drove, I listened to Minnesota Public Radio and got to hear the fascinating interview with Ann Kim, the entrepreneurial owner of three pizza joints here in the Twin Cities. She is not only supremely successful, but has an excellent command of that type of humor where you know you’re going to get a laugh, but you feign comedic innocence, which only serves to get an even bigger laugh.

Take a listen…you won’t be disappointed.

Oh…and I simply drove for three hours.


  1. hotshoe_ says

    I think driving for three hours — just because — just around — is a midwest thing. My aunt, my mom’s younger sister, lives in Michigan and every once in a while we hear that she went for a night drive like that. Seems to be a sanity saver, because you’re not stuck staring at the walls, and you don’t have to socialize or drink as you would if you drove to the club, and you don’t have to worry about your spouse or family because they’re safe at home. And the roads are mostly flat and straight so even in horrible weather you’re probably safe, too, as long as you’re not impaired or in a hurry to get someplace in particular.
    Glad you made it back okay!

    • Joe Sands says

      They’re decent. Just swamped and living life. Caught Influenza A after nursing 5/6 of my kids back to health. My soon to be ex wife also got sick so I took care of her for two days. Life is pretty good.

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