Dentist and Gizzards: A Few Kid Stories

Today is the big day. We do this every six months. Well, it’s not the big day, being only four of six kids are going to the dentist. Usually, we schedule all six squirts and they bring in all the hygienists, turning the place into a zoo.

I expect a few cavities. Here we are in the car, on the way:



*Telephone rings* *My bride, Kristine, answers*


“Hi, this is [redacted] from the Elementary School. I just wanted to let you know that your daughter, Analisse (The Freak), was playing with a friend on the playground at lunch. She took her shoes off, filled them full of pea gravel, then proceeded to pretend that the rocks were lunch. I think she ate some.”

So yeah, that happened.

In her defense, she swears she didn’t eat any. But I’ll be watching her poop.


  1. Some Old Programmer says

    Ah, yes, the poop patrol. I’d say it brings back memories, but with 9-year old twins, we still need the occasional inspection (constipation issues). The day will come when we don’t need to …

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