When Your Guy Has the Best Words – of a Fourth Grader

Here is a list of problems with our current political climate:

  1. We are pigeonholed into teams. Them vs. us. When we look at “facts,” we first check who’s writing it, to see what team they’re on, then determine our preconceived response, before reading a single word.
  2. We think and type in 140 character bursts, or shorten our responses to fit neatly into a text
  3. Sarcasm has become our language. If it doesn’t cause a stir or a laugh, it’s not worth saying
  4. The necessity to explain policy causes suspicion. If you can’t say it quickly you’re either hiding something, or trying to wrangle out of an inconsistent position
  5. Change means you’re a flip-flopper
  6. Compromise is selling your soul

Hillary Clinton was a lawyer. She defended a rapist. I’m sorry to say to those in the cheap seats, that a rapist, no matter how vile their act was, has the same due process rights that you and I have. You and I. Those who wouldn’t ever rape a woman. I know it’s an awful idea to swallow, but it’s true.

Think about Black Lives Matter and their best argument against the senseless slaying of African Americans on America’s streets, by our police. Whenever a young black man or woman is shot dead, their body punctured full of bullets from trigger-happy men in blue, the police department quickly trots out their criminal history. Even worse, if there is no readily available criminal history, they will tell details of the individuals attitude, what they were wearing, how they were carrying themselves, how they didn’t listen to commands and instantly obey. In short, the police are arguing for the position of being judge, jury, and executioner – disregarding the due process that every white man who encounters the same officers seem to get by default.

Back to the rapist.

So this guy rapes a girl and requests a female lawyer. Hillary is assigned to be the public defender at the time and is handed the case. She attempts to recuse herself but is left with little choice. Hillary takes the case. The guy does a lie detector test. Passes, saying he didn’t do it. Clinton sends samples to a guy in New York. Samples are misplaced. Guy could get off if he wanted to. No samples. Lie detector pass. Easy, right?

Yet Clinton convinces him to plead guilty.

Five years later, Clinton is interviewed on tape and describes, in detail, the chain of events. She laughs during the interview at things like her naive notion that justice was always served correctly and that lie detector tests were reliable.

But in the minds of those who cannot sit through a grainy and lengthy interview, understanding the nuances of our system of laws that not only are to keep us safe from rapists, but were written on the principle that we were innocent until proven guilty. In our current climate, Trump slams his fist against the podium and thunders into the air, “Clinton laughed at a 12-year-old girl who was raped.”

And his followers lap it up. They parrot it online. It becomes gospel. So gospel that when their guy says, “I can grab women by the pussy and kiss them without even asking, because I’m a celebrity,” his followers excuse him by saying, “Hillary laughed at a raped girl!”

Lawyers like Hillary are exactly the type of lawyer Trump would need if someone came forward, unafraid of his power, and accused him of sexual assault.


  1. Devocate says

    “Those who wouldn’t ever rape a woman” is not a dichotomy with “Those who wouldn’t ever be suspected of raping a woman”

  2. StevoR says

    When it comes to Hillary Clinton doing her job properly despite her reluctance to do so so in the past I think the snopes post here :


    Really sums it up and explains it best.

    Here is a list of problems with our current political climate:

    You forgot :

    I) Its enabled flippin’ Trump to become a serious contender for the US Presidency!!

    II) It is NOT a preferential system or one that’s truly democratic by other means eg run-off elections a la France. Hence people can’t have an ideal candidate, an acceptable candidate and an Oh-hell-please-no!! candidate listed in that order on their ballots and thus be able to settle for their second tolerable choice when they’d rather their first but really don’t want that third one taking power.

    III) Super-PACs , Corporate power & influence, the whatchyamacallit Electoral collage thingy &, well, Congress, is it really needed if it does nothing but harm these days and pother potential reforms to line up the United States with many arguably more advanced democratic nations like Australia, Aotearoa / New Zealand, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland etc .. not that anyone’s perfect but hey, there’s closer and further from perfection ain’t there?

    Trump is, well, the thought of Trump as POTUS flippin’ terrifies this Australian citizen because I can imagine (& shudder to imagine) the harm he’d likely doo our globe. All of it.

    Please Americans, please choose wisely in a few weeks time or so. Its more than just your futures depending on it.

      • StevoR says

        Ken Ham you mean the NASA astronaut .. ?


        Er, he was born in New Jersery USA.

        Oh, umm, the other Ken Ham, what other Ken Ham. Oops. yeah, sorry. Ray Comfort, ditto,

        Still we’ve given you lot plenty of good stuff too and you did take Phar Lap from us -and, hey, you really should pick up this cricket thing we’ve been beating our mutual old enemy in for many years! 😉

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