Hello Again. People Have Been Asking Me to Write

So I’m writing.

I realize I’ve been away for a while. I’m still alive. I have a lot to say, but much more to ruminate on. A few months ago, I was full of words and things happened. The words evaporated while my thoughts needed to mature. After all, I’m only 36-years-old. That’s too young to be right about everything and too old to be wrong about most things.

I’m still married, still dating other women, still a daddy, and still a fucking atheist. In fact, after watching the Religious Right defending the non-consensual grabbing of the pussy, I’m even more of an atheist. I’m so amused at the curtain finally coming down and revealing the wizard.

Trump is a good Toto.

Anyway, I’ll write more…

Love you all,

Joe Sands


  1. hotshoe_ says

    Write as much as you wish — or as little, I guess, but more is better 🙂
    Right/wrong who cares — you’re interesting as a person, interesting writer, don’t have to be flawless, doesn’t have to be true for the ages …

  2. StevoR says

    Glad to hear you are okay & back to blogging. Looking forward to reading you more but understand that life often gets in the way. 🙂

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