Please Donate a Little to My Heart Walk

I have previously written about my bride’s heart issues with AVNRT:

My Bride’s Awful Heart

My Wife is at Mayo, Undergoing Ablation

The Doctor Just Called: My Bride is Doing Well

That was nearly a month ago and she hasn’t had a heart episode since. She is pretty much in the clear and considered completely healed. The team of heart doctors of all stripes, at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota are second to none.

Now, my wife and I are leading a team at the 2016 Twin Cities Heart Walk. We’re trying to raise $500 and, as of this writing, are $150 toward our goal.

Heart issues are kind of important to us and the research has come a long way, specifically with AVNRT, previously considered “Housewife Anxiety Syndrome” and ignored. But now, having taken the issue seriously and pumping money into research and solutions, Kristine, my wife, is a new person today.

Please go to her personal walk page and donate or just leave a note of encouragement.

Thank you in advance.

–  Joe Sands


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