The Untold Story of the New Minnesota Vikings Stadium Design

vikes_birdseyeThe architect, hired to design the new Minnesota Vikings stadium was up late, working through several designs. He was frustrated. Nothing jumped out at him as “the one” design. They were all meh.
Rubbing his eyes one last time, he grabbed the large papers on his desk, loudly crumpled them up into one large ball of cellulose, tossed them back onto the slightly tilted table, and walked out the door for the weekend.
Saturday morning came bright and early. The architect’s boss, needing to take care of a few things at the office, opened the front door and walked in. Walking through the medium-sized office, he passed the late-working architect’s desk and stopped in his tracks. There before him lay the crumpled paper, lines and measurements still clearly seen on all protruding sides.
His face lit up and he dropped his briefcase on the floor, gingerly scooping the seeming mess into his arms.


  1. grumpyoldfart says

    It sounds to me like a story invented by a PR man who fed it to reporters – and was utterly amazed when some of them picked it up and ran with it.

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