We Have Strep Throat

We skipped the flu, this year, which we seem to get at least four rounds of, every single year. But, we got strep throat.

We’re now in the second round of it. Kids have been staying home from school, going to work with Mommy, sleeping through the day, eating less (yay budget!!!), and swallowing lots of drugs. I threw away all the toothbrushes in the house (I think there were 35 of them) and bought a six pack of new ones at CVS. I alos bought new toothpaste and floss.

We’re going to beat this.

Oh…and I haven’t gotten it yet. Neither has my Fred (11) who has no tonsils or adenoids. Which reminds me, we may go all Cheaper By The Dozen (the original film) and have everyone get theirs removed in one fell swoop. I just have to find a doctor that will make house calls and will allow me to leave the house until the deed is done. No sense having a fainting wimp on their hands.


  1. says

    Same here, the last three weeks have been like a fog to me. Only one of us has gotten it twice, the two year old who is maybe just starting to understand that putting everything in his mouth isn’t good. We’ve also replaced all the toothbrushes twice in that time.

    And now it’s allergy season! *groan*

  2. DonDueed says

    I had a tonsillectomy when I was about 5 or 6. This was back in the 50s, anesthesia was ether (very weird experience). I had a bad time of it, lots of post-surgical bleeding, so they took me back in and cauterized the wound (no anesthesia!) Had to be done over and over because every time they burned me I screamed and opened the incision again.

    Pretty damn traumatic. I imagine it’s handled a little better these days.

    Hope your family can beat the little nasty bugs before they get to you.

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