Nominating Jesus: A GOP Conundrum

IMG_3175When Antonin Scalia died, the GOP lost its collective mind. Here was their champion of all things religious, dead. No longer did they have the most reliable vote on the Supreme Court, there to vote their way on abortion, gays, money in politics, health care, and anything else that helped the Republican Party to keep their bigoted boot on the necks of those they felt were different.

So they came up with all these foolish reasons why Senators should refuse to vet a Supreme Court nominee by Barack Obama. They made up reasons out of whole cloth, saying things like, “We don’t vet nominees in an election year.”

But a thinking mind understands that this is just tomfoolery. The GOP is hoping beyond all hope, that the Democratic nominee for President, falters and loses to the GOP nominee. They hope the country’s tide turns toward them. They don’t say it, but everyone knows they’ll come up with a new excuse, come November, when Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency. In fact, if the winds of obstructionism continue as is, we might be looking at an 8-judge Supreme Court for the foreseeable future.

Obama looked at the playing field and handed Mitch McConnell an olive branch – a moderate candidate. Someone that might be palatable to both sides, yet unacceptable to either end of the political spectrum. But Mitch dug his heels in. No Supreme Court hearings during Obama’s term. That was the mantra.

In reality, this has nothing to do with tradition. Nothing to do with a reason for not vetting a nominee, no matter how convincing the reasons are. No. It has everything to do with being against everything that a Democrat is for, regardless of what the GOP has been for, historically, even if they once found themselves on the positive side of what they are now against.

Consider Jesus.

Let’s say Obama was able to muster up the courage to nominate a figment of people’s imaginations. A man who once lived, allegedly, and is now dead, had he ever lived, hearkening back to the ‘allegedly’. An historical figure that religious tradition says rose from the dead and is now in heaven, looking down upon the masses, making sure we don’t masturbate. Yeah. One of the good guys.

I can hear them now:

Can you believe Obama? He nominated a man to the Supreme Court who is against capitalism, throwing out the money changers from the temple. In fact, if Jesus was in government, he would dictate what the church is and isn’t allowed to do.

Jesus was a wine drinker. He took perfectly good water and made it alcoholic.

Jesus said he came not with a sword. He would get an F rating from the NRA.

This man is not for low taxes, but requires the poor to pay what the government asks, regardless of overreach.

It would be fun to watch.



  1. sonofrojblake says

    The GOP is hoping beyond all hope, that the Republican nominee for President, falters and loses to the Democrat nominee. They hope the country’s tide turns toward them, and away from the person they had no way of stopping running in their name. They don’t say it, but everyone knows they’ll come up with a new excuse, come November, when Donald Trump wins the Presidency.

    Fixed it for you.

    If all the Republicans were doing was hoping that Clinton doesn’t win, that wouldn’t be interesting. The reason American politics has turned interesting for the first time since I can remember is that the Republicans are apparently actively hoping their most popular candidate doesn’t win, apparently hate their second most popular candidate almost as much, and seriously look as though they’d rather hand the White House to another Clinton than let someone they can’t control have it.

  2. Peter the Mediocre says

    A black male president, followed, quite possibly, by a female one, has to be the nightmare of the religious right. If the current president were a white male I can’t help but think the obstruction level of the last 7 years would have been far lower.

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